So I test drove a 2015 GT-R today at a local dealer today. Was serious considering one as a weekend fun car.

I went in with a lot of expectations but was honestly let down. I'll probably get downvoted to hell, but it didn't feel that special. Yes, it was the fastest and most powerful car I've driven, but it felt very unrefined and clunky. I've driven C7 Corvettes, M4, Camaro SS, S5, etc. However, this didn't feel as good to be honest. Yes, the torque, G forces, and handling were mind boggling. But at lower speeds, the transmission was very mechanical and clunky (which I had heard of before).

Maybe I'm just spoiled by German engineering, or maybe this one was a bad condition one (about 20k miles iirc).

Additionally, it didn't sound that good. Too quiet for my taste and nothing special.

After that drive, I'm not sure if I'll get one. Perhaps the fact that it hasn't changed since 2009 is another reason.

What do you guys think? Mobdro AnyDesk