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What makes the GTR so special?

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  • What makes the GTR so special?

    Hello everyone,,
    First and foremost, I must admit I am probably very biased in my opinion, as I am a Corvette owner (2014 Z51 daily-driver and 2001 Z06 track toy). But I have an honest question that I am curious a true care enthusiast, what makes a Nissan GTR (specifically the R35) so unique? I have driven and ridden in numerous GTRs both stock and customized and I have never been what one would call "amazed". I completely understand that it is very quick out of the factory and simple to modify, but I guess I can't understand why so many people "worship" it. I feel like the recent models in regards to styling and interior design are somewhat out of date compared to many of the other performance cars within it's respective performance and price range. Would any of my fellow car-enthusiast colleagues like to reiterate on why they love the GTR so much?
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