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Nissan Skyline so popular? Why is it illegal in the US?

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  • Nissan Skyline so popular? Why is it illegal in the US?

    Hello everyone,,

    In Australia/New Zealand we have the V8 supercars (similar to your NASCAR), these people are staunchly fanatic about their holdens(GM?) and fords.

    Because of a rule change in the late 80's, it became possible for cars that were not V8 australian cars to enter the race.

    Enter the R32 GTR Skyline. Being a four wheel drive, with a great engine and alot of power, the skyline had a significant advantage, easily outclassed the ford/holden v8's especially in the wet.

    The GTR started winning victories all over the place. The GTR won the 1992 Bathurst 1000 (superbowl of V8 racing in australasia). The V8 fans lots their **** and started throwing beer cans etc at the winning drivers when they took the podium, causeing the wining driver to famously yell at the crowd "you're a pack of arseholes".

    Shortly afterwards the rules were changed (unfairly in my opinion) because the fans were scared of change and unable to compete and the GTR was banned from the race. V8 fans rejoiced, GTR fans felt they were unfairly treated.

    Since then the GTR has become the legend of the car that brought the V8 racing community to its knees. In addition to all the other huge victories it has achieved across the world.

    There is a reason it is so great and has become the most tuned japanese car in history. At a stock 260hp at the wheel, with an upgraded exhaust, intercooler and small turn up in the boost, you can easily add another 200hp. You can get upto 600hp on stock internals which is a **** load of easily achieved horsepower. In New Zealand it is not uncommon to see 1000hp plus GTR's. There is a family in NZ who pride themselves on owning about 8 1000hp plus GTR's.
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