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BEST pictures of YOUR Car NO PIC, NO POST

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    sure do, but they are "in-progress" shots took during the removal of the engine this past time.

    ...i really need to clean that engine bay.


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      First ones my favorite, but ill try getting more recent pics, as these where when i first got it...


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        Here's some pics of a car we had before...

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          No love for the wine red JZ??

          1991 HCR32

          *edit 1991 SR32


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            89 gtr?

            I don't know how to post images it seems.

            Nicest road in Central saskatchewan. Too lazy to stop.. damn.

            Where the wedding is to be. (we were there to plan the wedding, not celebrate the car's purchase)

            The wedding reception location. (the car)

            And the saskatchewan flatlands are all "Mine's"

            No build thread.
            1991 nissan
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              These are relatively small versions... but if anyone would like a larger version, just PM/email me.


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                Here I was coming in here expecting to pwn you all...loljk
                Great shots guys!!!
                Definetly some hawt cars :bow down:

                Here's my contribution, very first night my car was here :thumbsup:
                Camera: Canon S3IS +tripod (very very windy out, coulda come out alot better)
                Settings: IS off, ISO 80, Shutter speed 5seconds, F3.5
                Where: Downtown calgary on 9ave in parkade above the old Heaven nightclub

                Wallpaper worthy, no, coulda been alot better. Oh well
                Sorry about the hugeness, don't know how to make them smaller lol


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                  BEAUTIFUL Pictures guys and gals!!
                  Here is a picture of my '91 GTR & my friends WRX, was taken with my Sony Cybershot DSC-T5 while holding it very still and PRAYING that I don't fall over! lol Next time I'll remember to bring along my mini tripod to take alot more interesting photos!

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                    took this pic last night

                    i think its rotating 5sec of fame worthy:-P


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                      gave her first bath of the season last night... was a little chilly, but she needed it :-D

                      Andy B.
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                      '90 R13


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                        90' Skyline GTS-T Type M

                        Hey guys,

                        I'm glad not too many ppl have been rockin' the black on bronze rims..but dayum there are some sexy skylines in Calgary. Tell me what you think.

                        Will Post More Later...
                        One Life, One Car.


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                          waxed and washed my car yesterday, but it looks like its gonna rain =(

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                            hcr32 90 project done


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                              First nice pics of my ride. I've owned her since November 2006. I love it!

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                                Mostly Stock late 90 GTS4, soon to have 10k invested.