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BEST pictures of YOUR Car NO PIC, NO POST

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  • BEST pictures of YOUR Car NO PIC, NO POST

    Ok I've decided to put this up as I'm seeing more and more people doing photoshoots.

    Your allowed to post 5 to 10 of your best pictures.

    So it's either pics that you have taken of another car Or pictures that you or someone else took of your car / ex car

    Please give as much details as you can
    -Where the pic was taken
    -Date/ time of year
    -what camera was used with which settings

    Please keep pictures Skyline material Only

    And ask yourself: is this pic wallpaper Material?? :roll:

    -sure it is!
    now post the best of the best!
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    i have very few pictures of my car and all of them are wallpaper material because she's my baby 8)

    but these are the ones that i like the most at the moment.

    all taken with different cameras. first two where mid-august after a fresh detail (2 weeks after paint), last one was this spring.

    one more for good measure... was from last fall
    90 Nissan GTS-t Type M
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    Your past girl friends must have really skewed your idea of what "tight" is.


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      here are mine
      chateauguay river 1st week I had the car in 2005 (June)
      Camera Kodak Dx6440

      May 2006
      a ride with BobyYoo
      exactly 1 year after I have received my car

      Dirty: yes
      Worth it: yes
      Old Analog Pentax K1000

      Night Lapping
      Taken by Jeremy Alan Glover at St-Eustache Race track
      Sept 2005

      Charlevoix, Qc July 2006
      Very nice winding and twisty roads!
      great to get your spool on! :P
      Old Analog Pentax K1000

      More to come (I will post pics by Patrick AkA F40)

      Ok here they are

      Sanair Track
      May 3rd 2008
      Me and my dads Skyline after an intense rainy day!
      2.2L RB20 GTS-T
      ECU modification enabled - PM me for details


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        Get ready to PWN this thread...haha jk. First two are September 3rd in Calgary at Dsport RD 3 (second one is 3rd gear), third one is in front of my house 2 weeks ago, 4th from Dsport RD 2 in beginning of August (edmonton),

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          That's all the real good ones I have for now. I will keep updating my post as I have more nice pictures.

          Thanks for setting up this thread. This is a very good idea.
          In the end the gov't will do as they please and if they do kill the 15 yr rule life will go on, and we will find other cars readily available to pour our hearts and wallets into. The Skyline is a great car, but its not the only one. It might be a case of easy come easy go.------------- JZ


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            "Life's too short to drive boring cars!"


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              My Fave Pic.. in Front of My house in Langley.
              FVI Fo Life
              Imports are more then a Fad, they are a Life Style
              Originally posted by JZ
              Agreed. Good to have you here Ben


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                Backstreet Aug 06

                Infront of warehouse Aug 06

                Outside friends house May 06

                Nikon D70s + photoshop


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                  Not Wallpaper material, but priceless memories!!
                  Where: In front of my old house.
                  Camera: Canon DX3600 2.2 megapixel
                  Days before I sold it
                  Date...spring time 06


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                    You guys have some seriously cool pics... I wish I could shoot pics like that.
                    I have a good camera (canon S2IS) but all my pics look... blah. All taken in Edmonton by me of my car.

                    '08 HD FXSTB: Denim Black, V&H Big Rads, V&H Fuel Pak, K&N, HD Inverted Front End, C&C Seat

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                      Here are a few

                      its a start


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                        When I first got my 'line , my old Sooby in the background..

                        Early summer on my front lawn

                        My DIY stereo install

                        Interior shot

                        Rippin up the straight @ Cayuga Sept 1st

                        Recent head-on shot with blacked out lights

                        Newly aquired exhaust

                        Current engine set-up.....for now....

                        aaaaand a combo shot with BigBlueR32's GTS in behind
                        Andy B.
                        '99 Ram 2500 Cummins
                        '90 R13


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                          this is to save my spot
                          i'll post mine when i get home !

                          here are my cars !

                          THIS IS ME DRIFTING AT MY FIRST VDS EVENT with Jun in my car... :roll:

                          engine blew shortly after that

                          this is my GTR, it is a Project in Progress, now has carbon hood, trunk, bumper lip, hood lip, trunk lip, Sard GT CKelvar spoiler ! will post a pic of it later...:

                          All parts sold are no refund/exchange

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                            Week after i got my car, in the PASMAG booth at SCN in saskatoon....long story about how i got in :roll:

                            Racing last season at K&M kart track.

                            Racing this season at K&M kart track, don't mind the gap in between the trunk and the car, it has been fixed.

                            At a recent local car show. There is an explanation for the black front bumper.....just don't ask for it.


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                              Ok, this isn't a Skyline - I know. If it's a big problem delete this post. No hard feelings.
                              I wanna share too