Im pretty sure the mechanic it has been to has absolutely no idea what he is doing with these cars.

A couple months ago the car shut off as I was driving, first it git extremely sluggish, then the power steering stopped and the engine cut out as I was slowing down to a stop. After a few minutes it started again.

So I changed the fuel/oil/air filter and changed the oil. The air filter had not been changed(it was far from clean) despite it being to the mechanics.

Ran good for a couple weeks, then it didnt start a couple minutes after I had shut it off while waiting for ithers to get fuel. Starter motor would kick a few times then stop. Eventually jumped it and drove home. This happened again. As I was in park and idling on the second time, I noticed the occasional thud from within the front of the car. Vert subtle but you could feel it in the whole car.

Mechanic changed the starter motor, ran fine for a couple weeks, mother put 91(it has only ever had 98) octane fuel in it and about 60km of driving later, I was coming upto traffic lights after getting off a freeway, and the car started to chug as the rpm got lower, as if it wasnt getting fuel all of the time, I managed to keep going but at the next set of lights, the same thing happened and it shut off after about 15 seconds. The lights were also dimming each time the engine chugged.

I just need some guidance.