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  • safetradebinaryoptions

    Of course, first you need to get acquainted with the subject of study, namely, what is Forex?
    What does it look like for beginners, and the main thing is to make money on forex, how to make money on forex and how much you can earn on Forex

    You got acquainted with these topics, and decided that you are interested in forex trading? Then we will continue. Choose a broker, download and install a trading terminal and open a training account. Try to open and close transactions, the result is not important, just evaluate the terminal's functionality.

    Now is the time to multiply your knowledge. But be careful in the learning process, pay attention to the warnings of experienced traders topics:
    Training to work on the rank of forex
    What you need to know about the training courses forex.
    To begin with it is necessary to understand how quotations are formed on forex, what events affect them and where to look at the schedule of these events. Find out what kinds of approaches exist for the analysis of currency movements.

    And what tools are used for analysis. Start creating your trading system, not forgetting the principles of money management.

    For those who prefer to automate their strategy, you can chat in the topic of advisers.

    We hope that our website will be useful to you and help you become a successful trader.