(a little bit of history) last fall i changed my spark plugs a heater hose and a few vacuum lines. after i fix the repairs i notist the first problem! my car was idling high 1200rpm (my gtr idles at 950rpm on the spot). i go on a test drive. on boost in first gear at 4500rpm the second problem! the car is cutting off bad it feels like a bucking bronco!!!! and last problem! it's running pig rich:?

troubleshooting time.
i test everything. all coil packs 0.8 ohms, no boost leak!, acc valve is working, rev limiter set at 7800rpm, but i got 1 bad maf. so i change the maf with no luck the car is still idling high and cutting on boost. test the maf one more time. this time i got 4 maf's;-) it's the same problem unplug the front maf and the car stalls wtf. now!!! it's late october and i'm going crazy working on this car in the cold (f**k this it's going in storage)lol.

it's spring time and the car is out of storage.
time to fix the problem. first on the list is to inspect my spark plugs. cylinder 5/6 the 2 back plugs r black and full of carbon but the 4 front plugs look good. so i test the compression my numbers r good 150 the same as last year. o.k test the coil packs one more time 0.8 ohms wtf. it's at this point i visually inspect the coil's unbolt each one from the bracket and i found the problem the back bracket itself have some small traces of black burn marks from coil pack 5/6. (now i know i have small cracks in my coils) which explains the maf problem listed above.

the fix!!!
a 6$ can of ingition protector from ct's.
i Applied 3 thin coat's over a 3 day span curing for 24 hours in between coat's (it drys to a clear) the only problem it chips easy. after i install the coil's the first thing i notist is the idle (it's back to 950rpm) after the warm up i go for a test drive and at full boots and it's raving all the way up to the redline. how long will it last i dont know?. but at least i know what the problem is.