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Thread: 1980 Skyline C210 Build thread

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    Jul 2011

    1980 Skyline C210 Build thread

    Hi All,

    Long time lurker of the forums finall got my self a Skyline and thought I'd post it up to share. This car in still not registered in BC as it hasn't been through the inspecs yet. I WILL need help with this if anyone knows some lenient garages that are not too picky on DOT stamped items that would be great.

    Car is currently being worked on by Brinkwork Customs out in Langley and ASC from Vancouver are doing the interior work.

    Story behind the car, I was originally looking for an R32 when this beauty caught my eye at the auctions. Put up a bid and got it imported by feat auto export. If anyone want a review on feast auto please PM i'll be glad to give you feedback.

    The car is a 1980 C210 with about 150,000 k on the clock. interesting car because its 2.0L turbo engine was the first turbo motor to come out of japan by any manufacturer. Also it was the first skyline not to carry the GTR name until the r32 came along. But i didn't but it for that I just thought it looked a great mix of the c10 and c110 mixed up into one.

    The car:

    When she came into Canada

    Engine is sound, electrical could do with some work tho as expected.

    Cleaning out the car and realized it needed new carpets and some trim repair. So i thought F it, just strip the damn thing and build it right the first time instead of doing things gradually. So i started to gut her last night.

    Funny what you find in a car this age, plus I'm glad i did it. found that the seats were missing bolts to hold them down.

    hmmmm interesting rear seat belts, bolted from both ends with no buckles, sneaky mofos!

    I'm gonna continue stripping it down till its just the drivers seat and steering wheel left.

    gonna get new carpets and re do the interior trim in suede

    Picked up rear Skyline R32 seats and they fit!!! little bit of modding to look perfect but brings up the interior to the modern age a little.

    Trying to figure out a way to make the ride a lot smoother than it is and found out a few guys had done S13 Coilover conversions. There was not a lot of info out there on the swap but it was possible with some custom work done to the control arms etc.

    So i got the car stripped and ready to send off to Brinkworth Customs in Langley (www.bcautosalon.com) they used to have their shop in Richmond. I met these guys at the DTP show in Vancouver. Some of his work that he done before

    These guys have got some great skills, thats why I chose them with such a unique job of fitting the coilovers and taking car of any rust issues.

    I ordered a set of Apexi S1 coilovers and bought a set of s13 spindles, hubs and cailpers to upgrade the handling and change the rears from drums to discs.

    CAr at Brinkworth Customs in Langley.

    Pulled the old shocks and springs out and OMG. only 3 coils from the cut springs f-ing ridiculous lol

    Bill from Brinkworth also taking car of the minor rust

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    While the car is in the shop I got started on the interior trim.

    First up dash guages facelift.

    I decided to use the new 3M 1080 Carbon this is different from their old line the Di-noc. This look more like wet carbon and look crazy close to the real thing. Job time about 2.5 hours, i think it looks pimp brings it from the 1980s to Y2K




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    absolutely love everything about your car, tuned in for more! btw, great choice on the import, glad to see a model from that era not come with too many major problems
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    Very nice classic you have there! Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

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    nice man looks pretty gangster and clean too. i like the pic at market crossing in burnaby lol. also the suede interior is pretty sweet. you get that idea for the interior from the nsx?
    1991 Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R: 710whp 521 ft/lbs 27.5psi 11.8 @126mph low boost

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    Absolutely in love!!! I can't wait to see how this comes along!
    1989 R32 GTS-t (Sold)

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    Have you considered swapping in a rb20 or l28et for some extra torque ?

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    Wow! Damn clean! Can't wait to see what you do to that interior, it'll look great. If you register the car as a classic, I don't think you need to worry about DOT items.

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    Whoa, awsome car man. The R32 seats are a nice addition , much respect!!

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    nice car man.
    i think this build might be a first on this forum.
    - Adam


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