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Thread: Single throttle body or keep ITB's?

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    I'd vote for single ITB. Less leak possibilities, cleaner install, less weight. Check out RIPS!
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    Oh yea, the second it looks like I have to tear the ITB's apart to fix a bunch of leaks it's out of there and in the garbage. ITB's are only a benefit when you are non-turbo, they don't make a lick of difference once you start blowing the air in. The only reason Nissan used them was really a marketing thing. A $50,000 car should have a fancy intake manifold setup, shouldn't it? That's also the reason the GTiR had them but no other SR20 powered vehicle had them, marketing.

    Response is a non-issue, you can fill up a 5L inlet plenum really EFing fast with only 2psi of boost, especially when you are sporting 3" charge pipes and a larger intercooler.

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    Haha nice, actually I was thinking of RIPS again, They are making me an exhaust manifold as we speak haha, I'll probably just have them make me an intake manifold too

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    That doesnt make sence , why would nissan over engineer something to increase percieved value without an actual benefit .

    Also check out the setup on the hakosaka , did they over complicate that setup for the same reason ? basically a dedicated race car.

    Car manufacturers are all about decreasing production costs while selling at a price that makes them as much cash as possible.

    The mines tuning company stated they kept ITB on their RB26 powered cars for the best throttle response , there is a review on u-tube somewhere where they compare a bunch of cars offered for test from japanese tuning companies and independents.

    As far as carbs vs turbos go , it makes no difference the physics on the intake are essentially the same , the TB nearest the intake valves on the head provides the fastest throttle response. In fact when you first open up the throttle from nothing there is no to little boost until the turbos spool up , essentially providing no benefit over a carb anyways.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dragon Humper View Post
    The only reason Nissan used them was really a marketing thing. A $50,000 car should have a fancy intake manifold setup, shouldn't it?

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    Single TB if your going single turbo. Nothing but problems with trying to make the single work with stock setups. Have a large single turbo and a single TB and the response is killer, gets tracked all the time.

    I have no science or "facts" to give you but I know from first hand experience that it's a huge pita running a single turbo and itb. Convert all at once and save headache

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    I think the main advantage would be single TB is the way to go for a MAP setup. I don't see what difference it would make from single to twin turbo setups.

    I do like the clean setup of a single TB, and I like the fact that there are less things to leak and go wrong.

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    I never had a problem with itbs with my single turbo. I want to switch to to single throttle but it's not worth it right now. If you already have all the bells and whistles than sure but I think there are much better ways to spend the cash

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    I had a link to videoclip of RB26DE in R32 (limited edition 4door with RB26DE engine) vs R32 RB25DE (GTS style intake plenum with longer runners) and the response was alot better on RB26DE when they were comparing them. So it backs up that it was designed to increase response of engine.

    From what I have been told by a tuner that's tuned high hp GTR's that were producing over 1000hp with big single turbo's, that stock ITB are good for around 1000hp. If engine is producing over 1000hp (alot of boost), they become a restriction (I assume diameter of throttle bodies, size of intake plenum). So I assume you have to workout how much air is entering engine, etc and is stock intake plenum big enough to supply enough air to cylinders. JUN have probably done all of these calculations, flow testing of head, flow testing of intake plenum when designing their intake plenum.

    GTS intake plenums have throttle body > collector (just behind throttle body) > runners > ports on head.

    Mines tend to enlarge stock GTR throttle bodies and fit redesigned, bigger throttle plates for better response. It's a well known mod on turbocharged engines.

    My advice is, if you buy a custom intake plenum, ask for a flow test to prove that it works and that it provides enough air to each cylinder. Any head specialist with flow bench could do this for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hozer View Post
    Nothing but problems with trying to make the single work with stock setups.
    oh hai!

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