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A bit of history

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  • A bit of history

    Hey all,

    Thanks to everyone for joining our new forum. We are all very proud of its existence and hope that we will see great things become of it. As far as I know, we are the only one of its kind on the web --and that is a Canadian based club for Nissan Skylines.

    For those of you who are not from the old yahoo group and had found out about us by word of mouth, let me give you a bit of history about us.

    GTRCanada started as canada_skyline@yahoogroups. ( It was started in Oct 2002 by Jason Elias (aka StraightSix) as a way for Skyline enthusiasts and fans from Canada to discuss our favorite car and to explore the possibility of importing one in 2004. I joined the bunch in March/03 after he posted about the group on my home forum, (I owned an S13 240SX at the time).

    2004--this year, marks the 15th anniversary of the first R32 that rolled off the assembly line in Japan in May/89. The almighty BNR32 GT-R started production in Aug/89. What that means is that according to Canada Customs, come this May and Aug, we will be allowed to legally import the first series of R32 Skylines hassle free (compared to our friends in the US who have to jump major hurdles to bring them in under Motorex).

    The yahoo group continued on and slowly built up enthusiasm and posts as well as having a few big names join its ranks until in Dec/03 it was decided upon to by Jason, Giancarlo (aka KaOz) and myself that time was ripe to move onto the big leagues and go web style. The launch date was initially set to Jan 1st, but later pushed back to Jan 15th in order to accomodate a few things ...namely I was on my annual trip to Japan and the Tokyo Auto Salon, and all the little nagging details that need to be squared away like forum design and hosting issues etc.

    Well at midnight, Jan 15th Jason closed the doors to canada_skyline@yahoo and GTRCanada was launched to an unsuspecting world.

    Our Staff is:
    Myself, Group Admin. and site owner.
    Jason (StraightSix), Group Admin.
    Chris (13th-angel), Tech Support and the guy I bug to fix things on the forums.
    Nick (GTRPower), Tech Moderator, general GTR guru and lurker.
    Jonathan (Spikeone), webmaster and admin.

    We hope you like the fruits of our efforts! Like the old Nissan ads used to say: Life is a Journey, Enjoy the Ride.

    Site Administrator

    "Life's too short to drive boring cars!"

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    AND I must admit it looooks fAAAAAAAAAbulous!!!!!! great job guys

    I hope to be here FOREVAR

    Nismo stands for Nissan Motorsports, right? So then I guess Homo stands for Honda Motorsports?
    GTi-R, the baby \'zilla!


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      Aesome job guys. I look forward to this forum growing over the months.
      '90 Nissan Skyline GTR / RB26
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        This just makes me wanna...

        The ole memories and now the new...

        Yes, it has been a rollercoaster of good, bad, and well... good. So, I look forward to this group maturing as a unit and wiping off the smirks on the faces of all other non-believers and well, "competition" as I like to say (i.e. the high horsepower, track driving, etc. people).

        So, Jan 15th 2004 - a new day has started, a new year is born, a new breed is born... and the SKYLINE has never looked so beautiful!

        Hope to bring laughs to most!

        "Straight roads are for FAST CARS, Corners are for FAST DRIVERS!"

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          AMAZING JOB, can't believe this place is so bug-free and looks so attractive after only 1.5 weeks of creation.


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            oh man, you have NO idea what me and my friend had to go through to make sure everything was running tip top shape...
            - Chris Chan
            NEO240SX Founder
            GTRCanada Co-founder


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              I know how it is, Chris. Thanks for all the time and effort you've put into it bro!


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                Okay, stop complaining and get back to work!

                "Life's too short to drive boring cars!"


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                  LOL, just re-read this post. The memories. Man, I have been on this site forever...

                  "Life's too short to drive boring cars!"


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                    Me too.. is that a good thing??.. Maybe I just like skylines TOO much..
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                      Originally posted by BigBlueR32 View Post
                      Me too.. is that a good thing??.. Maybe I just like skylines TOO much..
                      dont ever say that! Theres no such thing.