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Gauge wiring DIY

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  • Gauge wiring DIY

    I decided to re-do this as the old route I was going with my gauges did not work (A pillar, which was incompatible with my sedan.=( )

    Anyways to get to it, I grabbed a piece of plexiglass glass, measured and traced to size to fit in the bottom of the 3 din center console underneath the heating controls and CD deck

    Before cut

    After cut and testing w/ one gauge

    After two holes and everything was fitting nice. I wrapped it in some photobomb sticker rather then the clear glass.

    Voila! It fits nice (Note, bottom edge is rough, but it is a hidden edge)

    Had it mounted into the center console surround, I think it turned out well!

    More to come once I get back online to finish, I will show some pictures of how I tapped power and ran everything etc etc.

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    Originally posted by Robski
    do you really want something a guy with a Civic has?

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    Keeping an eye on this.

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