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    Ill put in my 2 cents.

    Stoners Invisible Glass 4/5 (Better when u polish it after with a clean/dry cloth)
    Stoners Trim Shine 4.5/5 (Restores Int Door Handles when u rub it right:biggrin)
    Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish 4.5/5 (Removes Yellow from most headlights, impress your friends when u make them able to see at night again)
    Mothers Clay Bar 5/5 (Pulls more off your paint than others IMO)
    Mothers Cleaner and/or Cleaner Wax 4/5 (Stains Mouldings but removes Oxidation)
    Meguires Next Gen Wax 4.5/5 (Shiny and Long Lasting)
    Meguires Deep Crystal Wash (Suds more than most)
    Never Dull Metal Polish 3.5/5 (Works good but leaves Oil behind)
    Mopar Combustion Chamber Conditioner 5/5 (Desolves Oil residue like no other)
    WD-40 3/5 (Good at Everything, Great at Nothing)


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      +1 for neverdull, i just used it and it's amazing what it can clean up. the little tub of it for 6 bucks lasts forever too, you just use a tiny piece at a time
      I've been brushing my teeth with jack but it's resulted in terrible amounts of tooth decay.