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DIY: Skyline Cupholder!

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    Originally posted by falcon View Post
    you can give me the do-luck brace if you want... I'll take it off your hands. Then you will have room
    great offer but i'm gonna have to pass. thanks anyhoo.


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      Just ordered my Cup holder.. I think my GTR will see a lot of energy drink this summer lol!
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        Nice one! I actually just ordered one for my new ride...alas, I have no ashtray spot to put it in, so I'll have to figure something out...
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          Great idea! this will prevent me from trying to drink by Booster Juice and shift at the same time.. we ended up in me shifting using the booster juice cup.. which ended up breaking slightly and stuff started dripping! BAD EXPERIENCE -_-
          THANK YOU!
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            That's what passengers are for.

            I had a whole routine set up with this girl.

            1- I come to a stop, she passes me the coffee, I take a sip.
            2- Light changes to Green, girl takes the coffee.
            3- I shift, 1st, 2nd then 3rd to a speed limit, coast.
            4- Girl gives back the coffee, I take more sips from coffee


            7- Profit.
            so on.


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              funny, that post was last edited by 2 people! haha I like your system there mike, too bad I have no wheels (not talking about car-less)
              Victory is on the horizon..