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DIY: Rewiring dash/taillights

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  • DIY: Rewiring dash/taillights

    How to rewiring your tail/dash/centre console lights (By Adam A.K.A. Nexsys)

    Welcome to my how-to guide, if your having the same problem i was with your dash/taillights/center console lighting not working and tired of searching for wires, then this guide will make your life a whole lot easier. Hope this helps you all, enjoy!
    I made it as detailed as i possibly could with pictures included, if you still need assistance please PM me rather then electri-fry yourself. Hope this helps alot of you with the same pain in the ass problem i had!

    For reference, all of my newly created wires all plain green in all the pictures.
    Also, i didnt put a new wire for the A/C unit, mainly because it is bright enough on its own.

    EDIT: Fixed colour codes and added prices of all the stuff i used.
    EDIT 2: Just realized clicking on images doesnt bring the up any bigger, so full album can be seen here:

    First somethings you will need:
    Pliers Cost: $15
    Wire strippers/cutters Cost: $20
    Electrical tape (Don't be cheap here, get one that can handle the heat!) Cost: $5.00
    Roll of wire(Quite a bit, then quite a bit more to hide it effectively) Cost: I bought 2 big rolls for $3.00 each
    5-Way wire joiner (Got mine from crappy tire) Cost $1.32
    Patience Cost: Priceless

    2 x 10AMP Fuses in cased with wiring (I bought 30's and just stuck 10's in them) Cost: $15 for the 2 wires and a pack of 10 amp fuses.
    (Pic here: )

    One more thing, dont be a dumbass like me and like the pretty lights so much that you drain your battery...... for that i had to go out and buy a instant power booster lol. Cost: $50 - same as jumper cables only dont need to wait for a nice person to help you jump your car.

    Step 1:
    Take out your centre console so you have access to the wires. Including the 3 gauge pod. If your not sure how to remove the 3 gauges theres 3 clips on the bottom to take the face plate off as seen in the picture below:

    Step 2: Locate the ORANGE wire on the back of your stereo harness. Clip it and seal the end running into the car. Next attach a new piece of wire to the ORANGE wire running to your stereo. Make sure this wire is long enough to reach from the back of the stereo to behind the main cluster.

    WARNING: If you have an after market stereo the wire MAY not be orange, please check install guide for reference!

    Step 3: Once you have removed the 3 gauge pod locate the RED wire with a BLUE strip, it will be a SKINNY wire, not the fat one. Clip it and attach a new piece of wire to the end going to the gauge pod. Again make sure this wire is long enough to reach behind the main cluster.

    Step 4: MAKE SURE ALL LOSE ENDS ARE SEALED! Any wires you have cut make sure the other end is sealed with electrical tape. To seal mine i used plyers to stretch the plastic cover over the exposed end and taped it up. DO NOT PUT ANYTHING IN PLACE YET! As for getting wires behind main cluster i pulled them through this hole near the black tubing.

    Step 5: Remove the main cluster of gauges, theres plenty of guides to tell you how to remove it so i wont do another one here.

    Step 6: On the back on the main cluster locate the RED wire with a BLUE strip, again it will be the skinny one! There is only 1 if your unsure which plug its attached to, on the back of the main cluster it will read IL+, that is the plug the wire is located on.

    Step 7: Clip the wire and run your own again. REMINDER: SEAL THE OTHER END! Also, run your stereo/3 gauge pod wires you just make up behind the cluster.

    Step 8: Now the fun begins, time to rip up your trunk lining!

    Step 8: Once you have it all pretty much ripped out, your going to have to cut the ties holding your wiring in place so you can untape/unseal them to get full access.

    Step 9: Once that is done, locate the RED wire with a BLUE strip, again it will be the SKINNY one, this wire should run from BOTH tail lights and join up. Find the joining point and cut it there. DO NOT CUT ANY OTHER WIRES! If you do you make accidently cut your break lights which is never a good thing.

    Step 10: Get your own wire and join the 2 wires, make sure this wire is fairly long as it has to run all the way from your tail lights to behind your main cluster.

    Step 11: Now that you have that, run your newly created wire up to the rest, i personally ran mine though here:

    Then under here:

    and up here:

    Then up behind the main cluster.:

    Step 12: Now for the switch, locate the ORANGE wire and if you can splice into it, or just cut it and attach your new piece of wire and then REATTACH the orange wire.

    Step 13: Now you should have 4 wires behind you main cluster area, I personally labeled all mine for future reference incase something goes wrong again.

    Step 14: Time to connect some wires! Connect your newly created wires (3 pod gauge, Stereo, Main cluster, and Switch, Tail lights) For this i suggest a run to crappy tire and pick up a 5 way wire harness otherwise your going to have a big mess.

    Step 15: With all your wires connected time for some testing! Turn your switch on and watch the bright lights appear! Now thats all done, congrats on your new lighting setup. Now when you put everything back make sure you dont pinch any of your newly created wires.

    Step 16: For a bit of extra safety, i add 2 new fuses at the switch, one on the RED and one on the GREEN, They are both 10's just to prevent anything that may or may not go wrong, you shouldnt need them as long as your new wiring isnt exposed but i put them in purely as a precaution.

    '12 Kia Forte - Winter/Summer car
    '91 Skyline GTR - Weekend Fun/Project car

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    Bump: Will be adding how to rewire the wires to the lights behind the black shell the lights up the switches.
    '12 Kia Forte - Winter/Summer car
    '91 Skyline GTR - Weekend Fun/Project car