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Painting R32 head lights

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  • Painting R32 head lights

    "How to"

    Tools and materials:

    Phillips screw driver
    Flat screwdriver
    Painters tape
    Sand paper (I used 220 grit)
    Spray paint

    The task:

    Remove light assemblies from car. Place lights (one at a time) in oven for 5 min. at 350, Using oven or welders gloves remove and gently pull the cover from housing being careful not to get the sealant all on yourself or in side housing. You may need to us the flat screw driver to start releasing the cover, but be gentle as the house will be softened from the heat.

    Next, remove the two screws attaching the frame at top of housing. Start at one end and get your fingers under the frame and pop it off its clips. Be sure to do this sitting down with the housing on your lap, you don't wanna drop it. On the back of the frame locate and straighten the tabs holding the cone for the projector in place and slide it out, again be gentle with these as the tabs may break off.

    Paint and chrome generally don't bond to well so grab your sand paper and remove the chrome from the frame, if you want to keep the fogs reflective only sand 5-10mm into the bucket. Now give'em a good wash in soap and water!

    To paint the frame and keep the fog bucket chrome I wrapped the lenses with the tape and popped them back into place. Wrap the sides first with about 1cm of tape hanging past the inside edge toward the clips and work the extra tape over the lense face. Cover the lense face and trim flush around the edge, to much tape and it won't fit clean and paint may run into the bucket.

    Spay them! follow the directions on the can and don't rush, runs suck, lol. Throw down a few coats and give them 24 hours to cure. Reverse the dis-assembly procedure and enjoy. Reheating the covers and housings will help urethane seal better. If one wanted, the old sealant can be removed and new urethane could be applied at a glass shop (Apple/Speedy) or can be purchased at an auto-body supplier.

    Will add pic's latter date
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