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How to: Make DOT Taillights

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  • How to: Make DOT Taillights

    Hey guys so i know everyone has a solution for dot headlight. Here in manitoba we are getting nailed hard for everything including dot taillights. So here is a quick diy to make your own.

    First off this is for a r32 but should work for a r33.

    I had a extra set of taillights so I dont destroy mine stockers.

    I picked up a set of Blazer replacement lens that is close to the size of stock lenses.

    These lens are smaller so it wont be a perfect fit compared to the old lens.

    I took the lens and centered it best i could on the taillights. Traced around the new lens onto the old one. This is where the new lens will sit. I then traced another circle inside. This will be a line to follow to cut out the lens. I needed a lip for the lens to sit on so i could silicone it.

    If you look closely you can see the marker where i traced. I used a dremel to cut out the lens which made it alot easier.

    Next you silicone the lens on. i put a bead on the lip of the new lens and a bead just beside the lip on the inside.
    Put the lens on the taillight and let it dry.

    Next because the new lens is smaller i took a 1/2" wide strip of black foam to stick in the gap. The foam is sticky on one side so it just sticks to the old lens that you can still see. It will help clean the look up better and possible seal any small gaps.

    And voila

    Pretty decent for a dot alternative.

    This was just a fast write up. If anyone has any questions just ask.
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    Someone should make a community set to send around for people to get dot out there. Pay $50 for the shipping, charge $50 to the next person.