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buying a Skyline GTR R32

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  • buying a Skyline GTR R32

    Hello everyone,,

    I used to own a 1990 Nissan Skyline GTR R32 a few years ago, and as some of you know I sold it when my wife and I bought our house. We are now considering buying another.. We are debating on importing one or buying one already landed or not at all..

    We found one for sale that is a 1994 GTR R32 V Spec II, the car seems very clean and in good shape but we have not looked at it yet, may in the near future. The car was originally listed from Osaka Motors in Montreal but after speaking with a Chris from that dealer, he mentioned that a friend of his is picking up the car to move it to Edmonton to list for sale. The car will be in Ontario for the next couple weeks, so I have until then to

    Could someone run the car and provide any information they know, when it was made, would this care have the upgraded oil pump and what not.. anything would be beneficial. BNR32-308746.

    My plan would be after I look at it and decide if I like it, to send it to RS Tuning to have them complete a once over to ensure all is good with the car prior to actually buying it.

    If this is not a car we purchase, would anyone recommend an alternative in locating a GTR to purchase? local vs importing etc.

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