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Guess im not gonna have my dream car (born to late)

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  • Guess im not gonna have my dream car (born to late)

    Hey there first post here and german native so typos will be there
    so im 19 and gonna go to (in 6 months)college and maybe can combine it with a job (dunno what is called in english). well since i would earn over 1.000 wich would mean that i save like 20k and import one r32 or r34 but now i see that the price exploded and i cant afford it anymore i saw some for 20-40k wich is definetly not my price range so yeah guess i wont get it. Maybe go over to Subaru STI or WRX but my dream of a skyline is now forever gone. Also i heard from an Importer that they all store there r34 so they can sell it high. i cant reserver myself one to later import it since im in an unpaid internship till march so yeah guess no gtr for me. But everyone enjoy yours if you got one ^^