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Am I gonna miss my chance at an r35? (R36 speculation)

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  • Am I gonna miss my chance at an r35? (R36 speculation)

    So I'm a college junior going into my senior year next year. I'm going into a fairly lucrative career and I made up a somewhat rough finances plan taking into account all the expenses I would need to be taking care of to determine how quickly I could save up to responsibly afford a new GTR.

    Why new? Maybe it's paranoia, but I don't want any modifications done to the car that I buy, I want anything done to it to be under my ownership so that I can know that it was done the way I want it to be. Also where's the fun in buying something that's already FBO? Mods are fun! Additionally, I want any mistakes made to be my own. If I launch the car 1,000 times, that's not great, but it'll have been me that launched it, not some previous owner, so at least any bad driving habits will net me the fun as opposed to someone else.

    The problem is that I likely couldn't responsibly afford a brand new R35 until somewhere between the years 2022 and 2024, and while nobody really knows what Nissan is planning for the future, there have been rumors of the R36 being released around 2023. Plus, even if it doesn't, whose to say the R35 continues to be manufactured, considering the low sales volume of the MY2017 R35.

    Why not go for an R36? Well (A) it might be too expensive and (B) it might be a hybrid. I like how tunable the R35 is, but a hybrid is probably too complex for someone that isn't a specialized Nissan mechanic to mod. There doesn't seem to be a huge aftermarket scene for, say, the new Acura NSX compared to the current GTR, and they're in a pretty similar price bracket.

    Now I know the future is unpredictable and for all I know the economy could crasXvideos Xnxx Chaturbate
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