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R32 GTR injector HELP

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  • R32 GTR injector HELP

    Hey gusy,

    My stock 32 GTR injectors are leaking after changing the o rings. My mechanic advised me that the problem could be the injectors itself, the wrong o rings or the fuel rail. So I wanted to ask you what the part number is for the upper o rings as I can find two different orings with vastly different size that claims to fit the stock injectors.

    Also, if I were to get Nismo 600cc injectors for the vehicle, the website suggests that it is a direct fit. Does this mean no ECU tuning is required for this injector type?

    Really appreciate your help!

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    Physically they are a direct fit, must be top feed style injectors. However, you require a tune to run anything beyond 440cc which is oem. Without tune your gonna run too rich.


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      Same thing happened to me, I replaced the seals but they kept leaking so turns out it was the injectiors themselves and I just got oem 444cc because I didn't want to get an new ecu and get it programmed. Here's the part numbers for the seals


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        Just as a tip, leaking 444 injectors's silver paint turn black/brown from the solvent wash. So if you have discolored injectors, it's a good way to tell you need a replacement.
        1992 BNR32 SKYLINE GTR


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          I had misfire problem so had stock injectors cleaned and also started to leak due to wrong o rings too. Another way to check put pressure gauge on fuel line helps too for leaky injector.