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hi guys i dont know my problem

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  • hi guys i dont know my problem

    hi guys this is my first time in this forum so hello all !

    ive got a r33 gtst rb25det s1

    my problem is .. when everytime i try to power shift 1 to 2 by this i mean .. going slow at 1...and then clutch .full gaz and 2 when i releasse the clutch its like im loosing all the power and it looks like 1 of my injector goes off.. a bit of gaz pedal taps and then the noise is gone .. u know guys what it sounds like running with 1 injector out ?? it sounds like the same but after a couple of gaz pedal hits , it comes back to normal... it dont know if its my pump problem due to a couple of pedal hits and normal again or injector going bad and good