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HICAS pulsing.

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  • HICAS pulsing.

    Hey Guys It's been awhile since I posted; It seem all the old-timers are gone. Anyway, this is specific to the R32 GTR but I thought I'd ask as it may also relate to the models.
    So, I got the a/c recharged ($190USD) with R134a & within two weeks it was warm again. Took it back to the mechanic & it turned out the Compressor was seized. Just before I realized I had no ac I heard this high pitch squeal that sounded like a belt. The mechanic said the compressor was seized so he just drained the remaining Freon (as it was leaking out anyway) until I can figure out where to pull $1200 for a compressor, $558 for a condenser & $112 for a receiver... But that moan is for another time.

    Anyway, the car has always had the occasional HICAS light flash with the tug on the steering wheel & pulse in the brake pedal but it would go away. Since this whole ac incident the HICAS light is now solid full time & the Steering is stiff with the Brake pulsing like crazy. I opened the hood & the High presser ac line is vibrating like crazy. I parked the car & drove it for a bit & no HICAS light or any issue, then I decided to punch it & here we go again.

    Both reservoirs are full. I'm thinking of getting a HICAS delete but in the interim Any ideas?