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Interested in buying a GTR (32 or 33) any tips or suggestions.

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  • Interested in buying a GTR (32 or 33) any tips or suggestions.

    Hi for the last 5 years I've wanted to buy a skyline and have saved so to buy one. Living in Canada I have lots of options on what is available to me, I have done my homework on what I want/ looking for, however lots of people keep telling me its pointless and I am putting too much risk into something that will only be a problem. I was going to go through a broker like BPro in Alberta but finding skyline owners where I live that are around or willing to talk about common issues and opinions is usually quite difficult. So I came to reddit have you regretted buying your car. I only plan to use it in the summer and weekends mostly and I am able to fix quite a bit on my own and i am aware of the costs in fuel and imported parts. However I still dont have a good consensus on if these cars are reliable to the point were I'm fixing them more often than not. I'm open to all suggestions and tips. These cars are a lot of money and if I'm going to buy one it would be a GTR. I'm open to a 32 or a 33. Not sure if the fact that a 33 is not over 25 years for the states that it would be cheaper to get one over a 32. Thanks for reading all this if you have gotten this far I am looking forward to any advice this community can give me.RufusMapQuestUpToDate
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