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Why don't people like the Nissan GTR?

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  • Why don't people like the Nissan GTR?

    Hello everyone,,
    Some people don't want the GTR because it a "Nissan" or a Japanese brand. Some people hate it for its look. I don't really quite understand (matter of opinion of course).

    The biggest flaw for me in regard to the GTR is that it is all automatic but it is also what makes me so well crafted and made.

    I rarely see a GTR but when I do I can't help but look at it. I can't say the same for Porsche. Back on the campus off UCLA you see so many Porsche that it really loses it appeal. The GTR really stand out from the crowd. I think the exterior is perfect especially the 2017 refresh and the boxy feel and its curve is very polarizing. I have stood next to several Porsche and I just don't feel like its anything special.