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Skyline pro's, help a noobie out.

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  • Skyline pro's, help a noobie out.

    Hello everyone,,
    I'm having a hard time getting traffic under control in all my city attempts. Seems like sooner or later I always have massive traffic jams on my lanes coming into, or leaving my city. I always fully fund public transit, metro and bus (haven't got into trains yet) and barely anyone uses it. I think my biggest city so far was around 10k people, and only a few hundred people would use transit. I have lots of bus routes that cover the entire city and a subway system that connects each hub and still, they barely get used.

    So I started thinking, I'll use bigger lane roads and one make them one ways to funnel traffic in and out of the hubs, and then my fire/house/medical services need to be increase because the effective range of these services diminish quickly when place on one way roads.

    I know there is simple solution to all of it, but I can't quite seem to figure out what it is. My gaming time has been limited over the holidays, so instead of just trial and error I thought I'd take a short cut and seek some pro advice.

    Any tips?
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