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Ontarians, here is your guide to register a Skyline in Ontario from another province

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  • Ontarians, here is your guide to register a Skyline in Ontario from another province

    I want to share my own experience of bringing in an R33 GTR from Quebec and registering it in my name here in Ontario. It is my hope that this little write-up will help many of us in securing a car that they love but are daunted by the process of registering it here.

    So here it goes....

    QC has many people/dealers who are either sitting on, or are importing, JDM cars...many of them being Skylines. This is what you need from an importer in another province to provide you, for registeration in Ontario:

    1. Export Certificate in Japanese - this is what the Japanese exporter provides to the importer. In our case it will either be the dealer or person in Canada who imported it. This form does not contain ANY information about the importer, but only about who is sending it from Japan, and the details of the car.

    2. CERTIFIED English Translation of (1) above. You can search for who can do this. My dealer gave me this certified copy, so it was great. It is stamped and has to be accurate vis-a-vis the Japanese Export Certificate.

    3. Completely filled out Form 1 - this is a Federal inspection form that Canadian Border Services people stamp once a car lands in Canada. There are TWO spots on this form for stamping. The top part is for the CBS people to stamp. The dealer/importer brings the car into Canada and the CBS people verify the car to be what it says on the Export Certificate (English). Then the importer fills it out and the CBS stamps it.

    The lower box is to be stamped by Canadian Tire or any other organization that is authorized to carry out a FEDEARL inspection for an imported vehicle to be deemed as legal in Canada. This stamp is required by the RIV (Registrar of Imported Vehicles). This is by itself NOT an inspection form. Canadian Tire has to stamp this form whether they do an inspection or not. The only time they have to do the inspection is IF the car is less than 15 yrs old. In my case, my R33 is 20 yrs old, so there was no need for inspection. It is exempted from the FEDERAL inspection, but I still needed the stamp. So I took Form 1 to Crappy Tire and they happily stamped it for me. They dont even need to see the car UNLESS there is an inspection requierd - I took my Export Certificates for proof (just in case - the didnt ask for it) and they were fine with it. There is NO charge for it if there is no inspection required.

    4. ORIGINAL BILL of Sale - you will need this so that MTO can calculate the tax - if you paid ANY tax in the other province when you bought this car, MTO will charge you the difference between 13% HST on the Bill of Sale Price and what you paid. Since I had paid 5% in QC to the dealer, I was charged 8% when I registered my R33 here in Ontario. Here is an interesting thing I learned - THERE IS NO APPRAISAL REQUIRED if the car you are bringing in was never registered in Ontario, even if it is 20 yrs old!! This saved me a lot of grief and travel time. If you did not pay any tax as per the bill of sale, MTO will charge you 13% on the price the bill says you paid.

    Another thing to consider is that the dealer MUST have a GST number for you to pay tax there in the other province. In my case, since the dealership is legit, they gave me their GST number on the Bill of Sale. You WILL NEED this if you want to not pay 13% tax in Ontario and just the difference between that and what you paid to the dealer as tax.

    Please note: MTO does not care what the importer paid for the car. YOU are liable for the tax on the price YOU paid. And please please please have the original bill of sale. I waited three hours, trying to get MTO to accept the bill of sale I had, but they refused because it was a copy, even though it was stamped. The dealer was kind enough to overnight the original to me.

    5. Proof of Insurance - I went through my broker who said that while I wait for RightDrive (come on, guys, we are counting on you!!!!), I had to go through Facility. Federated Insurance called me and told me that they have stopped insuring RHD vehicles, "just like all other insurance companies" since Nov 2014. This is acrock of S H I T!! Canadian insurance industry is the WORST I have ever seen anywhere. Fear-based mentality of this jerks is no different than the moronic paranoia that prevails in our society as a whole. Insurance is a RIGHT, if you have a vehicle. The price to get it might be higher, but they shouldnt flat-out refuse it. Silver Wheels is out for most of us, thank to the guy who totalled his Skyline under his parents' Silver Wheels plan....great job, man!! (unless we have a 25 yr old Skyline, which they still can insure as a classic).

    Anyhoo, with the 5 documents listed above, MTO will punch in all the information into the system. And this is where it gets frustrating. Their system will flag the VIN as being "SUSPECT". They could have chosen a better word, because all it did to me when I heard it from the mouth of the Svc Ontario girl was "Oh crap!! This car is not legally landed in Canada"...My heart sank and I could see a wad of cash floating up in the air, playing a harp, with a halo on top, like a dead soul ascending to heaven.....oops...the girl then said, "Any car that has never been registered in Ontario has this come up". She then had to call the MTO hotline and give them the VIN. The hotline basically is the cx support for the the cx support people in Svc Ontario locations. They have override powers. The clerk gave the hotline person all the info she had on my car, and confirmed all the documents that she had on her from me. The hotline people then went into the system and removed the "SUSPECT" status for the VIN and manually validated it.

    The clerk smiled at me and said, "Now you can pay us for the tax and the plates and the car is yours"......

    ....imagine the smile on my face.

    I have the Safety now. Just need to get the Grey Market registration done, so I can get the e-test.

    Hope this helps all my fellow Ontarians.


    PS: If you need a good car, contact Osaka Japanese Auto Parts in St Leonard, QC. The guys are genuine and the cars are much better than I could possibly imagine. Great deals - R34, R33, Evo, Supras, and a few R32s that are ready for the US. I underestimate dealers sometimes, but these guys went out of their way to help me and get me on my merry way.

    Call Chris or Sam there. They are going to help you!!
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    Much appreciated man!..useful info!!

    All that is left for you now is to post pics of your R33


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      And lets say your importer didn't give you the export certificate and they've probably long been destroyed, what would be your chances in getting the car in ontario from NB, for example?

      Just wondering why it has to be so goddamn hard and, consequently, I regret buying my car if I do need to work in Ontario someday.
      1992 BNR32 SKYLINE GTR


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        I think it's a little harder being as the car bought was never registered. I purchased my car from Alberta, just needed the signed ownership, bill of sale, safety and etest. Same as buying a regular used car.


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          Good read, thanks.


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            the young kid at Osaka parts is a fraud. 2 years ago I went to pickup an RZ supra from him from Toronto, Over the phone I asked him what the auction grade was and he said 4.5...I asked him multiples times and when I got there the auction showed accident R grade. When I asked him why he lied he said "Oh I thought it was 4.5". He's cheated many people if you google the complaints. They usually buy cars from japan and do engine etc swaps. I believe he I currently selling a blue gtr-34 for like $46k...
            Be wary of him he's dishonest.


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              did they keep the original export certificate?