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  • Registration paper for your jdm

    Japanese registration documents with date of first registration available
    Hi guys,

    We're new here and not sure where and if this is appropriate to post, but after reading the rules we might just leave it up to the moderator(s).

    (Rule No.2. - Advertising - Overt advertising or soliciting other members to buy, sell or peruse any products or services through this discussion forum is subject to the discretion of the moderators.)

    We're a bunch of Aussie guys that got together to provide Japanese registration documents to Australian JDM lovers in order to combat the rampant odometer wind backs the local dealers order from Japan.

    We are able to retrieve official watermarked registration documents from the Japanese Ministry of Transport. These documents state the odometer reading of the last two registration dates in Japan and therefore can proof if the odometer has been tampered with.

    More interesting for Canadian or American JDM buyers might be the fact that these document also state the DATE OF THE FIRST REGISTRATION. As JDMs imported to the US for example have to be over 25yrs old and this document is official it might be very helpful for people trying to prove their import is old enough. We can retrieve the papers for any JDM, just need the VIN number. To our knowledge this information is also not available of JDMs sold within Canada.

    Check out our webpage and let me know if this could be handy for you guys in the US and Canada.