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  • Bought a GTR with a Lien on

    So I thought I got a deal....

    Last year I bought a GTR with a blown engine off a guy,

    I spent the winter Building it, to sell in the spring. So I did not transfer the ownership.

    The car has been appraised at $24,000

    I took it to a dealership, to sell it on consignment.

    They told me there was a lien of $9000 on the car..WTF...

    I understand that if the guy chooses not to pay.. the car can be possessed.........

    So far the guy has been paying his bills..and he told me to call him if I had trouble with the ownership last year.

    I called him and left him a message. hopefully he will pay his finance off with a line of credit.

    Lesson learned Always check for Liens.

    Any suggestions
    1993 GTR
    1992 GTS-T Type - M (Sold)

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    Looks like you're in Ontario, did you get a UVIP package when you purchased the vehicle -- was there a lien stated on there?

    At this point I would contact the MTO/Service Office and see what they suggest your options are, although I'm honestly not sure how helpful they can be as this should have been resolved during/pre-sale.

    You can try contacting and asking OMVIC too, but they primarily exist to help in a dealer-buyer case, not private sales, still can't hurt:


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      thanks for the OMVIC info
      1993 GTR
      1992 GTS-T Type - M (Sold)