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Has Anyone Received Insurance for Their RHD Recently?

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  • Has Anyone Received Insurance for Their RHD Recently?

    So a few years ago I owned a 1990 GTR and got insurance with star farm no problem, literally a few emails and I had it and it was a decent rate considering I was 22-23 years old.

    I'm now 25, and sold my GTR a few years ago when my wife and I bought our house. I am now considering buying one again, possibly on Monday.. Issue is I am having a heck of a time finding insurance at a normal rate.. Facility is the only one and it was 3500-3800/year...
    If that's the case I won't be buying it.

    I am wondering if anyone has obtained insurance recently and who are you with, specifically who did you deal with to get it? If you can either post or pm their contact info that would be much appreciated!


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    I've just switched insurance companies within the last 5 months. If you own a home it's should work in your favour.

    I'm with co-operators(in Newfoundland so it's cheap anyway) I bundled all my cars, winter civic, Honda hrv and my R33 with my home insurance to get a wicked rate with discounts for more cars than drivers etc.
    Now, they had to go to underwriting to get the skyline into "normal" market(opposed to facility high risk) but with all the business I brought to them it was no trouble.

    When I first got the skyline I was paying 2600 with facility, now with co-operators I pay 3200 for everything.

    When you call for quotes tell them you want to insure everything lol

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      I called cooperators on Friday and they said they won't insure RHD.

      A lot of places said they need to be 25 years or older


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        Mcdougal insurance through Blake Trickey or Jon Borello
        Royal Sun Alliance
        RHD Club(seems to be more expensive than facilities)

        Good luck

        State farm closed due to dejardins buying them
        Federated closed due to new underwriters
        Hagerties MIGHT consider you if the car is 25 years or older and you're 26(10 years driving record) with a clean record for the past 6-8 years but they usually just say they won't do it.

        This is what I know from shopping for myself.


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          I am waiting for John to get back to me. Hopefully tomorrow morning first thing.


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            Mcdougal will do any rhd except modified skylines so I hope yours is mostly stock. Guess skylines have a bad name.