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Step-by-step image file uploads

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  • Step-by-step image file uploads

    Here's a quick tutorial for uploading pics onto these forums. It's basic, but figured it's a good idea for the newbies.
    (hoping to get the first sticky in the Media section!! )

    Here's the step-by-step for any similar file uploading site):
    (Disclaimer: I'm not in any way, shape, or form in affiliation with photobucket. It just so happens I use them.)

    1) Sign up, it's free
    2) logon with username and password
    3) get your image ready for uploading, have it ready on your harddrive
    4) Back on Photobucket, find a button that says "Choose File", click on it.
    5) it'll ask for the path to your image. "Choose" it.
    6) Optional, add a description to the image file. You can do this later too.
    7) Click on the button "Submit"
    8) Wait a few seconds for the computer to do it's thing. When done, it'll say something like "... successful"
    9) You'll find your newly uploaded image as a thumbnail. With 3 lines of weird computery text below it.
    10) Highlight the entire line next to "Img". COPY it (ctrl+C)
    11) Back on GTRC(or any other forum), paste it onto your post/reply window.
    12) preview it.... to see if it worked. Submit if it did work.
    13) wait for the replies!!

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    you\'re not listening
    stop saying "yall"... i'm picturing you with a mullet.
    mullet+skyline=*shiver* i dont even want to think about it
    Originally posted by specialedition
    He ended up popping a tired and he failed at life.


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      Picture/file server upload

      You can upload your pictures straight to my File Server

      username: gtrc
      password: gtrc
      Create your User folder and:
      have fun!
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        Ha ha! Sweet! Cheers dude. A while ago i photochopped your car to gunmetal grey with white BEE-R's if you wanna check it out im gonna go post it in the "pics of your skyline" thread.


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          thaks, i was looking for that!


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            These sites giving me grief to upload. Don't know if it's cause i'm at work using the work pc. Sigh
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