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HKS Premium Day Event @ FSW Fuji Speedway

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  • HKS Premium Day Event @ FSW Fuji Speedway

    Just took part in the HKS Premium day event couple weekends back. This was the first track outing for the S15 Silvia Spec RB. Cars feels pretty good - brakes, suspension & chassis all as I want but did run into some pathetic I/C coupler issues. Blew the turbo side off twice, simply put too much tension on the one side.

    Silvia here and next to it team mate Tetsuya's ER34 GTT. GTRS on that with full V-Pro tune, hes managed 2:01 around Fuji which is very quick.

    Im quite happy with the RB25, currently has an amazing tune on the HKS iS sub-con, factory turbo still on the motor w/HKS strengthening actuator and turned up to 1.1ish. Not sure on what turbo on want on the car yet...

    Keeping things simple Ive stuck to BBS RG140 9J +35 wheels, fronts have bolt on spacer otherwise they are about flush with out. Tires 235 255 RS-R stickies. They are a great tire for the track as well having amazing price point. I highly recommend to anyone wanting affordable high grip option.

    Team mate Tetsuya's ER34 again. Doesnt look like much wearing factory bumpers. Prodrives are fitted with 255 AD08's and Endless monoblock 6's up front with oversized rear rotor with normal caliper.

    Here I am joking about what works and doesnt work in his car anymore, its fairly stripped out.

    Warm up lap, behind the pace truck

    Up front in the garage was a lot of heavy machinery like the Reverse BNR32. Remember seeing this one years back at Tsukuba circuit for hyper rev meets.

    The HKS TF & Varis Kamikazi R doing fluid warm up.

    Lots more pics, have a look at the slide show link here =>

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    That event must've been a blast! Out of curiousity what do they charge for events like that?


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      Thanks for the pictures, Adam. The Silvia looks great!