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  • Members, post your intros here!

    Okay, we did this a few months ago on our old yahoo group and it befits the occasion to start again here.

    Everyone, please post your intros here!

    Name: John
    Age: 35
    Ethnicity: Chinese Canadian
    Location: Ottawa
    What I do: I hurt people for money
    Why am I here: I have been into the Japanese car scene since I was 16 with my (then) new 1986 Honda Civic 1500S and specifically into Nissans since 1997 with my Z32 300ZX. I have a Japanese wife and go to Japan annually. I cannot imagine life away from the AutoBacs lifestyle Of course, how can anyone love Japanese cars without an appreciation for the Skyline GTR.

    ...and you?

    "Life's too short to drive boring cars!"

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    Name: Adrian
    Age: 30 (I'm not the oldest!!)
    Ethnicity: Filipino Canadian
    Location: Winnipeg
    What I do: IMAC coordinator
    Why am I here: Moving on to bigger and better things, in this case the Nissan Skyline. I've gone from an Integra LS, GSR to a honda civic and now for the last few years a CR-V. Once my daughter was born, playing around with cars was set aside, but I still kept reading car mags and watching japanese racing vids. The Skyline was always one of those unattainable cars I would read about until coming across transportation canada website a few years back stating the 15 yr exemption. From seeing what the skyline was selling for overseas I wondered what information I could find and others thinking the same way. This led to the yahoo forum and now this. Just another year to go.....


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      Name: Josiah
      Age: 19 (turning 20 in april)
      Ethnicity: Chinese Canadian
      Location: The middle of no where aka winnipeg
      What I do: Poor University Student, works for Convergys, trying to get into med school, amongst various other things.
      Why I am here: I've always loved the skylines, I first heard about them when I was 15. Sometime last year, I realized how I COULD get my own GTR with Canada's 15 year import law. somehow found the Yahoo Groups, and that's why I'm here now
      Tuning the Spec V until I can own a V Spec...

      Regional Coordinator - Manitoba


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        Name: Mathieu
        Age: 22
        Ethnicity: French Canadian
        Location: Montreal
        What I do: Very Poor University Student, Poli Sci Major
        Why I am here: I got into cars the day I was born. It's my dad old Subaru GL '86 that got me into japanese car and the following mazda 323 '89. The way I got into nissan is quite curious, I really liked the last gen mazda mx6 because of the its shape and look but I was very sad to discover its was fwd. Then I found the s14 and I was in paradise. In little time I had expanded to whole line up of nissan and its was a short jump till I discovered the GTR. I have a soft spot for the r32 because it retains some kind of design from the old school 80s japanese cars with a twist of the early 90's. It is in my plan to acquire a 32 once I get settled with a real job. Till then, I have several project that may send me to asia / japan ... I may pick one while I am there.
        Along the way, I lost two wheels


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          Name: Jason
          Age: 30 (still can't believe it)
          Ethnicity: take most of Northern Europe, put it in a blender, add a bit of Jewish for flavour (my Mennonite ancestors had to keep moving all over the place)
          Location: southern Manitoba
          What I do: Engineer (current job has very little engineering in it actually), also dabble in fine-art photography
          Why I am here: can't remember any more . . .
          marginally literate keyboard warrior


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            Name: Ryan
            Age: 18
            Ethnicity: Ukranian (white-boy :P )
            Location: Winnipeg, Canada
            What I do: Part time tech support for american high speed internet company Comcast in the evenings and daytrading during the day. Going back to school in May and taking Information System Technology.
            Why am I here: I actually hated cars up until I was around 15. My dad always made me watch Nascar when I was little and I HATED it. I was ignorant about cars and just assumed there wasn't anything else out there but Nascar and going around the same boring track god knows how many times, until I saw world rally in Speed Channel one day I was hooked and now I'm driving a wrx. Which was what I oringally wanted, sad to have gone through 3 cars already and only had my license for a little over a year. ANYWAYS, at work daemos told me the Skyline would become legal the next summer, after I found out what the prices would be I pretty much knew that I would be getting one. I've loved them since Gran Turismo 3 where it would dominate all. I hope to gain more knowledge about them on this forum and other sites in the meantime, and will hopefuly find a good one by April to buy. The end.
            '90 Nissan Skyline GTR / RB26
            '91 Toyota Soarer GT-TL / 1JZ / Greddy T78 / MAP-ECU II / 800cc


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              Name: Chris
              Ethnicity: whitey 8)
              Location: Edmonton, AB
              What I do: Software Engineer
              Why I'm here: I just really like motorsports. And even though I'm a motorcycle guy at heart, I still really dig the Skyline; its the ultimate car IMO. It's also an enthusiats car and with that comes an enthusiats community, thats why I'm here.


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                Name: Giancarlo (GC).

                Age: 24

                Ehtnicity: Hispanic Canadian (Born in Caracas, Venezuela).

                Location: Toronto.

                What I Do:
                - Professional Photographer and Automotive Journalist ( &

                Why Am I Here: I have been a member of the old forum nearly since it began with Johnny Z. What started off as a simple brain-farting session over MSN soon developed to what you have here... Glad to be an OG member and to be back in Canada after 2 years in the States - eew!

                Been working on cars since I was very young and still remember the first time I layed my eyes on an R32 through pictures back in da day! Since then, we have been destined to be together! Isn't love wonderful? heh!

                VIVA EL SKYLINE!


                P.S. I hate HONDA!
                "Straight roads are for FAST CARS, Corners are for FAST DRIVERS!"

                TUNER SHOP:
                Absolute Motor Specialties (AMS INC)
                AMS Motorsports


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                  Name: Chris
                  Age: 21
                  Ethnicity: Chinese Canadian
                  Location: Ottawa
                  What I do: Pennyless Student
                  Why am I here: Im the guy that fixes your webforums up and sets things up in the background for John. I 0WN TEH GTRCANADA!!!!11

                  Anyway, I've been into cars since I was about 16 when my sister got her 98 accord coupe. I spent 1500 bucks "modding" it with factory parts. My dad wanted to teach me and my sister 5 speed so we looked for a car for a couple of months until I bumped into an 89 240sx. I fell in love it became my first car. Had a little accident with it and sold it and 4 months later picked up a 91 240 which was my car up until this fall.
                  I started my own chapter of 240sx Car enthusiasts in 2000 with my friend Alex (Nismo on the boards) and since have expanded into a trusted website for good discussion and technical information. I met John (JohnnyZ) in 2001(I think?) and have been good friends with him since. So me and Alex are helping John out with
                  Maybe in the future when my driving record is cleaner I'll be able to drive a skyline. Buying a skyline isn't that bad, it's being able to drive it legally thats the issue!

                  Me and my 91

                  My 91 in action
                  - Chris Chan
                  NEO240SX Founder
                  GTRCanada Co-founder


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                    Re: Roll Call! (aka Post your intros)

                    Name: Kevin
                    Age: 21
                    Ethnicity: French Canadian / Born in Nova Scotia
                    Location: Gatineau/Ottawa
                    What I do: Film Student
                    Why am I here: Ever since I have been in my sister's 240sx back in 1989, I have always loved Nissan cars. When it was my turn to own a used 240sx, I searched the internet for a canadian 240sx car club and found . I couldn't believe that there was a 240sx club right next to where I live! Almost 2 years have gone by now and I have made friendships within the club. I am the official NEO cinematographer. Of course, when JZ told me about GTR Canada, there was no doubt I would sign up! My future plans, car wise, is probably like anybody else here. ( Alex : I'm sticking to the plan )

                    Here are some pictures:

                    I'm on the far left, doing the Nomuken pose.

                    Filming Alex in his S13 with the club on a perfect summer day.

                    Neo crew represent at the Signal Drift Ex!


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                      Name: Mitch
                      Age: 33
                      Ethnicity: French Canadian (born in Sudbury, ON moved to BC soon after)
                      Location: Vancouver Island, BC
                      What I do: Co-owner/mechanic of 2G Racing (
                      Why I'm here: I have been a Nissan enthusiast for many years and have built and owned several modified 510's and 240Z's. I am a past Vice President of the Vancouver Island Datsun Enthusiasts car club (VIDE) and am also the current solo director for the Island Rallysport Club (IRC). My shop specializes in Nissan performance and we are starting to get up to speed with SR20DET swaps as well as turbo conversions in old school Z's with stand alone engine management. My goal is to be one of what I think will be very few shops in BC that own, tune and race Skylines. I have much to learn, but I am eager to share tech tips with those in the know.
                      Better to be scared to death than bored to death


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                        Name: Cale
                        Age: 19
                        Ethnicity: Whitey
                        Location: Cambridge, Ontario
                        What I do: Lab technician/student
                        Why I'm here: A love of all things fast, and a desire to own my dream car this year


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                          Name: Sean
                          Age: 30
                          Ethnicity: White - New Zealander
                          Location: Long Beach , CA
                          What I do: Nothing
                          Why am I here: I like to play with GT-R's.

                          I have been interested in GT-R's since 1991 . Car and Driver article . Went to Japan in 1991 . Saw my first Skyline on the road in LA in 1991.Wanted one ever since.

                          Worked at Motorex in 1999-2002. Helping out at RB Motoring from 2003.
                          Sean Morris


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                            Name: Perry
                            Age: 18 (creepin on 19)
                            Location: gritty vancity
                            What I do: training for auto collision apprenticeship but looking to take mechanic training- ultimate goal is to open an importing/tuning shop ala RB Motoring. I got introduced to GT-Rs and cars in general by Gran Turismo 1 back on the PS1. I've always thought of it as the most succesful use of compromise in a car ever because of its driver-oriented feel and performance potential with usability for day-to-day driving.

                            P.S. Everyone who aspires to do serious mods on a GT-R here, Sean is like the white Mr. Nagata from Top Secret (that means he knows a helluvalot) some knowledge has to come from all those tossed rods and blown N1 blocks...


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                              Name: Nick
                              Age: 33
                              Ethnicity: ABC
                              Location: Usually Chicago, IL- Dallas, TX- Orlando, FL- LA, CA
                              What I do: Dabble in real estate
                              Why am I here: I believe GT-Rs are done "right."

                              Actually some of this sounds similar to Sean's. I have been interested in GT-Rs since 1991. Car and Driver article.

                              Bought my GT-R in 1992 new in Hong Kong, via Nissan/Prince Ginza, at the time one of less than 10 in Hong Kong. Been playing around with it ever since. Brought it to the US in Febuary 1999 via MotoRex. First customer car in the US- seen in many, many shows on loan to MotoRex... more than I'll probably ever know.

                              I have been actively goofing off with my GT-R for over 11 years. I probably know quite a few of the nuts and bolts of the car...