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Crossing the border??

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    For sure it did.


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      so you went the week before, no issues, then went a week later and got denied... on a work permit.... yea i see why they denied you

      1. it looks like you went down to the US to have someone look at it...
      2. the next week went back, i would think they were thinking, you showed the car to someone down there who wanted to buy. then are going back to sell...


      1. on a work permit bought the car... went down to get everything sorted, came back to clean up somethings...
      2. week later attempting to bring the car with you and stay down there.... again denied...

      those are all things that they are thinking... of course they are going to deny you... they dont look at someone and think oh they wont... every time someone comes to the border, they have to think worst case... and that is why you were denied
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        Ya the big red flag is your a us citizen.


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          *the Crowd goes wild*
          Dah_Hunter gets the 3 Pointer, oh his clever deduction.

          Best bet dont try and cross again in your skyline.. Mabe once you have your PR. but i would still say its risky.
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          Originally posted by JZ
          Agreed. Good to have you here Ben