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Throwing a plate on in-transit vehicle

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  • Throwing a plate on in-transit vehicle

    Was wondering if anyone has had issues with throwing a plate on a car with a in-transit permit to avoid "heat" from cops during movement? As many of us know, in Alberta, you're suppose to stick the in-transit permit on the front window. But that leaves nothing on the back. I'm going to pick up a car from Vancouver next month, but will have a bit of running around to do in the area before I hit the highway, so in addition to my transit permit would it be un-advisable to also slap a plate from one of my registered vehicles on it for the drive home? I just want to avoid being pulled over constantly to have them check my papers, and giving them a chance to harass me.

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    if your picking up in BC it will be one in front and one in back. no heat if following the law lol just chill
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      Putting a plate on that is not registered to that vehicle is worse than just having the paper stuff. If you are using an AB permit then just do what AB wants with it. In BC though we can put a plate from another car onto a "newly puchaced" vehicle for a few days before you officially swap it over. The car must have been purchaced with supporting paperwork only a few days earlier to make that work, unless it has changed recently. AB may have something similar. May not work on an OOP purchace though.

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        If you are bringing a car back to Alberta from bc, get an inter province in transit permit which is valid for 7 days. Having this and insurance will not give you trouble from the cops. You can copy the permit and put the copy on your rear Window too.

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          Ive driven a gtr from BC to Alberta with the in transit. No issues, make the signs visible in the windows. As for using a dummy plate from a different car, if you do get pulled over and the plate is for a different car, your ticket will be around $650. I know
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            It should be no issue with just the in transit sticker in the front window.

            my buddy from Edmonton does that all the time, he has been pulled over in BC before, but all the paperwork was in order..

            Copying hte paper and putting a copy on the back might help with that heat.

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