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Emissions in Ontario for RHD vehicles

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  • Emissions in Ontario for RHD vehicles

    I just read somewhere online (not a creditable source) that in Ontario for RHD vehicles that are 15 years or older (all of them here) they do not need emissions. I'm pretty sure you do need emissions and same laws apply as normal cars. Basically 1986 and older don't need emissions. I thought it doesn't hurt to ask, I tried to look it up but couldn't find anything.

    So are e-tests needed for RHD vehicles in Ontario? (Pretty sure yes)

    Side question: If e-tests are needed, how would they e-test a Skyline? It wouldn't be in the system so what would be the "limits" you know?
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    You will have register with DC as a hotrod or greymarket vehicle.
    Contact them and they should be able to tell you where to go download the form or they can email it to you.
    You fill it out take the requested pictures, fax or email them to DC then wait for them to input your vin into the system as grey/hotrod.
    They should contact you to let you know when it's good to go.

    This is what I had to do.
    HC&CO Limits where pretty high so a decent cat should work as long as your kit running pig rich or too lean.
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      Yes you will need a drive clean test. Check the Drive Clean website for info, there are a couple ways to register your car for grey market emission testing.
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        I had mine done in July, and I didn't have to do all that register/picture stuff.
        They just did it like they always have, and it passed no problem.
        Would it be a different process in different areas??

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          Drive Clean in Ontario applies to certain more heavily populated areas of Ontario. it does not apply to the entire Province, with the exception of heavy duty vehicles. Basically the area of coverage for passenger vehicles follows the 401.
          The rules would be the same anywhere in this area. Outside this area there are no Drive Clean tests.

          Also, to answer your other question regarding rolling exemptions, they have been discontinued.
          Before, cars 20 years old or older would be exempt from Drive Clean. They stopped that rolling exemption, and now only vehicles 1987 and older are exempt from Drive Clean. So for all Skylines R32 and up, you will never be exempt from Drive Clean testing.

          Rick, I'm not sure how they did it the old way, but next time I'm sure you will have to register your car with MOT before they will be able to run the test.
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