This car was imported from Japan in 2011. I have all receipts of the work that I have done to this car. The car had a BN body kit originally and I think it was a show car for BN Sports.

The car comes with a series 2 grille(black) that is not installed in the photos. I have side skirts for the vehicle but I do not have them on the car because it tends to rust the body when rain water gets in there. The car currently runs a silencer in one of the exhaust holes. You can remove it but its very loud without it.

The suspension is stiff in the rear struts and has more give in the two front struts, overall the car is is very responsive. The throttle response is very good. The steering is very responsive. It shifts into each gear. When giving gas the rear wheels lock up (due to the Limited slip differential), including around corners so you will hear the tires skidding a bit. You can prevent this by laying on the clutch. The recirculation valve sounds good when

Timing belt, alternator, water pump, steering pump belts replaced in 2015
3" straight pipe exhaust
HKS Turbo Intake
Greddy front mount intercooler
Mishimoto Radiator
Nistune on Z32 ECU installed

HKS waste gate Actuator
recirculation valve

Oil changed (March 2019)
Fuel Filter replaced (March 2019)
Bosch spark plugs recently replaced (March 2019)
Toyota echo coil packs with modified wiring harness (cheap and can be found anywhere if you need to replace them) I followed this tutorial:

ACT single plate clutch
redline shockproof gear oil in transmission
HICAS Deleted
Limited Slip Differential (redline gear oil changed September 2017)
New Nissan 240sx clutch master installed in 2015

Greddy Electronic Boost Controller
Greddy Turbo Timer (also a battery voltage meter)
HKS Boost gauge (a pillar)
HKS coolant temp gauge (a pillar)
Recaro drivers seat
Nardi Steering Wheel (I have it registered)
shift and e-brake boots replaced with new leather
Radio removed
Rear window wiper motor removed

Series 2 front end conversion
After market LED side view mirrors
Barder fiberglass hood with carbon fiber wrap (modified to fit the series 2 headlights)
Rear carbon fiber spoiler

Wheels / Suspension
Brake master replaced with new 240sx
Hawk brake pads front and rear installed in 2017
Tien Super Street Coilovers (comes with adjusting wrenches)
AVS Rims - 18" on the Front / 19" on the back
Achilles Tires - (75% left)

I serviced the engine in February. I removed the turbo to check how it was doing. The compressor wheel has no damage and spins great. I have receipts for all the work done on the car. All work was done at MonkeyNutz (that shop no longer exists). The underbody is in good condition. The car was only driven from March to October. The under body is in good condition.

The car has never been in an accident but the body has the following damage:
I painted the rear bumper and the paint has chipped in one area.
The passenger side door was broken into and they pried the door handle open with a screw driver.
The front bumper was purchased from an import shop in Washington and has a couple scratches.
The drivers side fender has a dent right at the top of the wheel well and could use a repaint.
The rims have some curb rash and the front right rim has some paint damage from brake fluid.
The roof has some sun damage.
Some sticker outlines from the previous owner in Japan are still visible on the car.

Please contact me via email I am located in Coquitlam, BC: