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Why Can't I Post Here?

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  • Why Can't I Post Here?

    The mods have recently decided to lock all the "Skyline For-Sale" threads to the general members. Only the original poster (OP) will be able to post in his/her own thread.
    If you have any questions or offers for the OP please PM them and they can answer all your questions. Also, please have some class. I don't think it needs to be said, but just in-case:
    -No Lowballers. No one appreciates their time being wasted on garbage offers.
    -Don't ask someone selling a complete car of they want to part out a single seat or a set of rims to you If the OP wishes to part out their vehicle, they'll list it as a parts car.
    OPs: If someone PMs you a valid point, points out some missing info, or asks something that you feel everyone should know or would help the sale of your vehicle, please post it up on your original sale thread. It'll help sell your car because of the easy-to-access info, and plus it's a free bump

    1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
    1990 Skyline GTS-R