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Feeler: 665whp @ 24.5psi - 1990 Skyline GTR everthing aftermarket

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  • Feeler: 665whp @ 24.5psi - 1990 Skyline GTR everthing aftermarket


    See link for full details

    CAR NOW HAS 720WHP on pump gas.

    Car is literally a rocketship in terms of speed/acceleration. I can go over the details but everything is changed and everything is highend (no ebay, mishimoto, megan stuff anywhere on the car). The thread above details most of it.

    The car cost me around $65,000 to build and labor was all done mostly by me, and some buddies with shops (so if someone was to hire a shop to build the car it would have costed probably $100,000).

    CP Pistons
    r34 Crank
    Eagle Rods
    Rods where fixed by the machinist to be a circle within .0002"
    ACL Race Bearings (Rod and Mains) Stock Size, no plasti-gauge used, everything done with dial indicators, bore gauges, and CMM
    Tomei Pan Baffle (also a -12 bung is welded to the pan for an extra drain)
    Engine Balanced, Magnaflux, balanced for 11000rpm, oil drains reworked
    Nismo Oil Pump (not N1, a genuine Nismo)
    N1 Water Pump
    Nismo Thermostat
    Koyo Aluminum Rad
    Greddy Oil Cooler (13 row, thermostated)
    ATI Dampner
    Exedy Hyper Twin Clutch (I'm the original owner and theres no mileage on it)
    Nismo Engine/Tranny Mounts
    All new gaskets (I have extras too)
    AN fittings all over (all aeroquip, no BS brands, aka thousands of dollars)

    Fully Ported Head by TK Race
    ARP Headstuds
    Tomei Headgasket 1.2mm
    Greddy Timing Belt
    Supertech Valve Guides
    Ferrera Valves (std size, exh/int, special alloy ones not stainless or inconel)
    3-angle Valve Job
    BC Springs
    Powerhouse Catch Can with -12 Stainless Lines (Aeroquip)
    Titanium Retainers
    Tomei 260/9.15 Poncams
    Greddy Cam Gears (only Intake is moved, still need to play with Exhaust on dyno)

    Precision 6765 largest A/R, H-antisurge housing
    AEM air filter
    Fullrace Manifold
    Fullrace Branded Tial MV-r Wastegates x 2
    Screamer Pipes (all stainless)
    HKS Largest Intercooler they make for the GTR
    Synapse Synchronic BOV
    Aeroquip AN feeds/return wrapped in Aeroquiop heatsleeving
    Vibrant Aluminum Intercooler Piping
    Vibrant t-bolt clamps all over

    Kakimoto Tip
    3.5" inch custom front to back
    V-band Clamps x 2
    Coast Fabrication 3.5" top of the line Resonator

    Twin Bosch 044 external
    Turbo XS 3L surge
    Denso 280lph as a lifter
    -8 feed, -6 retun (all aeroquip, again no BS brands)
    Lines are SAE 30R9 rated, so little to no smell and are also compatible with e85
    ID 1000 injectors
    Aeromotive Fuel Filter
    Tomei Fuel Rail
    Aeromotive A1000 fuel regulator
    Aeromotive y-divider
    AEM Water Meth running single 710cc injector

    Cusco RUCA
    Nismo Strut Bar (cusco as a spare)
    Kazama Hicas Lockbar
    Whiteline Swaybars front/back, with bushings
    Nismo Traction Arms
    Cusco Tension Rods
    Aeroquip AN lines/fittings with KRC pump and heatsleeving
    Solid Steering Bushing, Aluminum, got it from Frankiman
    Solid Bushings everywhere from Autoworx
    NPG Bridgestone Coilovers in excellent condition, just tested and are perfect

    Alpine HU (with ipod dock), no reason for this as the exhaust sounds too good for the radio to ever be on
    Alpine Front Speakers
    Infinity Rear Speakers

    Engine Electronics:
    AEM 3.5 Bar MAP sensor
    AEM Wideband O2 sensor, the car runs open loop
    AEM Boost Controller (stainless AN lines here as well)
    Splitfire Coilpacks (new)
    New OEM Coilpack Harness
    Custom ECU Harness
    Deutsch connectors
    Defi Din Gauge (oil temp/water temp/oil pressure)

    Hawk HP+ Pads front (new)
    Cusco Brake Brace
    Bride Zeta III Seats type-L seats, with Bride Rails
    Bride Seat Rails
    Nardi Deep Corn Leather Steering Wheel
    Daiken Hub Boss
    Hawk HPS Pads Rear (70% good)
    Wilwood Brake Bias
    Stainless Aeroquip AN lines
    ABS Delete
    Nissan Discs (90% left on them or more)
    Sparco 4-point Seatbelts and Harness Bar

    Work XD-9 with Michelin Pilot Super Sport 275/35/18 tires
    R34 Wheels with Falken RT-615 tires
    Work Lugs
    ARP wheel studs
    R32 N1 Lights

    Fluids are all Redline or Motul (no BS brands!!! expect the prestone branded prestone)
    Brake Fluid is RBF1000 by PBR

    Car will come with spare parts (pretty much a whole engine), too much to list....

    The car is too fast for the street, and I'm not a track rat so it's not in my best interest to keep it. I built the car with complete disregard for price :P , 60% of the parts are new with less then 12000km on them.

    This thread is purely a feeler, I would like to keep the car (I honestly love the car) but it would be easier to sell it (I have no time to continuely work on the car anymore, its reliable but I usually work on it to change parts and what not, search of parts....).
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    Sounds like you're torn. Let's see some pics!


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        Not for sale anymore!!!! Driving the car rekindles my passion for keeping it...


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          Again, possibly for sale....

          Thinking of buying a complete stock engine and throwing it in the car, and parting out the engine and suspension from this car.

          If someone wants a complete 665whp working skyline now is the time or the thing will be parted.

          Oh, bought brand new 18x10 Work XD9 wheels and a Trust Oil Sump Extention (in the mail will be received in a week, will be included in the sale of the car for a price).


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            BUMP from the dead, 6 years ago! Car has been sitting in storage (started every 3 months and driven about 300-400km per year), moved to Vancouver for 3 years and now Detroit for the past 2.5 years.

            Not much has changed, a couple new things here and there plus maintenance (new oils last summer except transmission which I planned to do this spring, new CVs, longer arp wheel studs). Car was re-dynoed 2 years ago and some boost was added plus more water/meth added. Power now is at a whopping 720whp on pump gas, and around 900whp on e85 or race fuel.

            Car was detailed about 2 years ago.


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              Hey much are you thinking? I'm getting nostalgic and I kind of want one again....I regret selling mine.
              1991 BNR32 - SOLD (sigh...)

              "Want pretty? Go order a Fairlady, want fast go grab a Skyline! "