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Omori factory Nismo R1 camshafts rb26 r33

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  • Omori factory Nismo R1 camshafts rb26 r33

    Having a hard time even finding info on these nevermind knowing a price. I know they are hard to find but I do not know the specs. I bought a r34 gtr with a r33 omori factory r1 complete engine and would like to run the correct cas for the 34 so I have to change the camshafts out. Willing to trade for a set of 34 aftermarket cams as well. If someone can help out with specs and what I should ask for these I'd really appreciate it!
    91 gtr , 93 rx7 type r and a multicolor 240 スカイライン

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    This has some power charts on the stock motor, shows torque curve and such. Other than that Ican't really find anything =\...Seems really rare, but r2 motors can apparently still be purchased so maybe not that sought after due to r2 having better cams? Either way glws sounds like a beast car you've bought!


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      They turn up on Yahoo auctions in Japan pretty regularly, though generally for more money than people want to pay. I'm not quite sure what price to recommend... most people who are willing to pay for Nismo cams want to have the ornament plate to go with them.
      Nismo probably hasn't posted specs on them but it should be easy enough to measure. Whoever's doing your cam install could certainly do it. Either way, you should likely be able to make back whatever a set of Poncams is going to cost you for your 34.