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Lots of parts, n1 block, gt2540s, jun oil pump etc

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  • Lots of parts, n1 block, gt2540s, jun oil pump etc

    I am parting out my engine and some other stuff, heres the list and prices.
    Will update as things are sold, can ship as well buyer pays shipping and what not.

    There are things not in the photos that are listed as well

    RB26dett 24u later N1 block $2000
    OEM crank shaft needs to polished on #5 and #6 $600
    Jun H-Beam rods - spun a bearing, marks on #5 and #6 big end $600
    Jun oil pump - $1300
    Jun In/Ex cams and gears 264 and 272 $600
    Exedy twin disk carbon push clutch 5.46mm from 5.5mm max wear is 4.7mm - $1600
    HKS gt2540 turbokit hks dump that is wrapped blades are good shape, no play - $1600
    Laminova radiator/oil cooler nismo oil block and lines - $800
    Oil pan and front diff - $800
    Alcon 355mm 4 piston big brakes with adapter and ferodo ds2500 pads - $1600
    Nismo oil pan baffle - $300
    Hks Fcon v pro ecu ver. 3.0 and harness, for map sensors- $800
    Intake manifold/itb set up - $800
    550cc hks injectors, billet rail, and nismo fpr - $800
    N1 Water pump - $150
    Nismo Thermostat 65 degree - $50
    Nismo Motor mounts - $140
    Greddy/Trust Ext temp Gauge $120
    Greddy/Trust Boost Gauge $120
    Ultra Speed Meter $100
    HKS EVC4 Boost controller $360
    Push type transmission common 3rd gear crunch $600
    Cam angle sensor $140
    7 point through dash roll cage and door bars - $800
    05U head with intake quench plate removed and valves deshrouded, exhaust quench plate has marks from the piston contact in #4. perfect for a big power build to remove the exhaust quench area - $1200
    Nismo gt shift knob - $100
    Junk forged pistons I was going to make coasters but - $50 each

    Ask if there are other parts you need
    Not going cheaper than what is posted.
    located in edmonton
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        pm'd interested in N1 water pump