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  • R32 random parts

    Sold my 32, I have some left over parts. I want them gone, shoot me an offer. Lets work something out, it just sits in the garage.
    Willing to sell as a lot for cheaper than individual.

    I have the following.

    R32 oem GTR front strut bar
    Rb20 Alternator
    Rb20 power steering pump
    Rb20 Idle air control valve (IACV)
    Rb20 coilpack (Just one, kept as a spare)
    R32 GTS oem front camber arms
    R32 GTS oem struts. Front and Rear. Good condition, no leaks.
    R32 GTS oem horns

    All items are located in Saskatchewan. I will ship to Canada or the US.
    Paypal is the only payment method I accept. (I have verified paypal)
    Originally posted by Robski
    do you really want something a guy with a Civic has?