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‘’how to’’ make an effective and respectful ‘’For Sale’’ ad

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  • ‘’how to’’ make an effective and respectful ‘’For Sale’’ ad

    This is a tutorial on making the process of selling parts an easy, quick and painless adventure, weither they be OEM, aftermarket, new or used

    This is based on my experience from constantly roaming classifieds sections from multiplie forums, buying several parts on them and selling more than 100 oem and a/m parts myself through those boards

    I’ve been parting out my GTR for the last 7 months and made just over 8000$ all over north america, so i am not new at this, and everything i mention is based on facts and experiences

    Point 1.

    as with any laws, everyone should be aware of them and abide by them

    and make sure you're on the right forum, selling honda parts within a skyline community =

    Point 2.

    Deep down, everyone is lazy, the more effort you put into creating and maintaining your ad, the less effort will have to be made on the buyers’ side and thus the more they will be inclined to buy

    Point 3.

    Pictures !!
    include recent pictures of your items, and everything included,
    remember, everyone is lazy (point2), wouldn't you rather read a book with pictures?!
    like the saying; ''a picture is worth a thousand words'' alot of potential buyers' questions will automatically be answered by a good picture; again, less effort on their part asking them

    pictures should be of the exact part; no ''just like this but black'' or ''just like this but better''

    and also no ''pics to be added later''; why? because people won't always come back to your ad, you should really try to attrack their interest the first time!

    and also no ''pm (or email) for pics''; if you can make a forum post, you can certainly upload pics on a website, really easy
    even, works
    basically you can display any image on the internet in you post using it's address (link) and the proper [IMG] code

    Point 4.

    include all the information possible about each part, so buyers won't have to ask questions about them too much (refer to point2)

    information that should be included like;
    application (R32? R33? GTR? GTS-T? 4dr? ..etc..)
    origin of part (OEM or aftermarket?)
    age of the part; NEW? (BNIB=brand new in box, or NOOP=new out of package) USED ? (installed for 2 days or has been used for 90k km)
    brand (HKS, Greddy, Nismo ..etc..)
    type of product (valves, cat-back, boost controller, coilovers ..etc..) part number if possible
    name of the product if possible (HypermaxII , ECV-4, Procams, Type-B, ..etc..)
    condition of the part (flaking paint, metal scarring, worn upholstry, faded plastic, broken clip, or perfect condition ..etc..)
    everything that is included (package) for the asking price
    reason for selling
    possibility of shipment or pick-up
    asking price (fixed or negociable -> OBO=or best offer)

    Do you research!
    the more info you dig yourself, the less info the buyers will have to search for (refer to point2)

    heres a couple exemples;
    nismo black bumper 200$
    should read
    1992 R32 GTR OEM front bumper with Nismo inserts, freshly painted OEM black, never used, includes lip of same color, selling because i'm going with a veilside kit, 200$ firm (local pickup only)

    autometer boost gauge
    should read
    Aftermarket Autometer ''Carbon'' 52mm mechanical vaccum/boost gauge with silver bezel, [-30, +20]psi range, P/N 4701, NOOP, like new, doesn't include sender, selling because it doesn't fit my 60mm holder, can be shipped anywhere within canada at buyer's expense, 60$ obo
    Point 5.

    make it absolutely clear what price you are asking to each part/package
    we are in Canada, so pricing should be in CAD if possible, no one knows off their head how much 65,000 yen or $80 usd is worth in CAD
    sure conversion rates change, its not the buyer's problem though
    and sure buyers can convert currencies themselves but ... (refer to point2)
    if all else fails or

    be logical about your pricing
    most buyers are looking for deals, MSRP prices can be found directly from distributors and vendors
    also, even if you just bought your part for 400$ and want 380$ for it ''because its still new'', well think about it, would you go through the assle of buyer from an individual when for just that bit more you can get the same part Brand New In Box from a reputable vendor with an invoice, a warranty, maybe a return policy, clear shipping info and respectable timeline?

    and if you really want 300$ for an item, don't go and put 400$ obo, which will discourage most buyers

    also you should be aware of the item's market value, look through existing ads, check for availability and/or rarity in the market

    sure a brand new part might cost 700$, but no one will pay even 500$ for a used one if there are several others for sale at lower prices

    about custom setups/parts, again be logical about it, yes you paid 1000$ to have your custom manifold made to your specs, but there is no certainty it will fit other's setups, most buyers are aware of that, and most won't want to pay for the labour it cost to have it made, just for the actual part itself, so asking 800$ is less likely to sell (quickly)

    also, try to include everything in your pricing like paypal fees,
    sure buyers can calculate it too, but.. (refer to point2)

    Point 6.

    you should be clear about the ways you can be reached
    1. you first name
    2. an e-mail address if you know you don't visit the boards often enough to answer PMs
    3. a phone number, quickest way for a buyer to reach you and get his questions answered, believe it or not, i have gotten call from local buyers as much as from across Canada and even from the states, california, florida, NY
    all questions can be answered in seconds
    4. your location, or your parts' location; are they in your closet at home in Toronto? or in your parents garage in Ottawa?
    another way of saying it... where can the parts be picked-up? or are you able to takes pics or get a serial number of you part quickly?

    5. methods of payment (cash in hand, EMTs, paypal, money order, check)
    if using EMTs or paypal, include your account's address

    and remember, not all banks offer an EMT service

    Point 7.

    check-up on your ad regularly, (1) to answer question posted in it (2) to update it

    anyone who looks at your ad will most often only read the first post because (refer to point2), so every valuable info should be updated in the first post
    remember, you can edit a post indefinitely
    if an item sells, mark it as ''sold'' in your first post (and take off its price!)
    if you change an item's pricing, change its original pricing in the first post
    if you add items, again, add them in the first post

    patience is key
    theres no point in bumping a thread twice a day, part rarely sell within hours, unless its a crazy deal, at least wait for your thread to fall off the first page before bumping it, and when you bump, delete your old bump, seeing 5 consecutive bumps just looks desperate
    if you really want to sell quickly lower your prices

    and if you've been trying to sell an item at 300$ for the last 6 months without success, maybe its time to lower its price :wink: (refer to point5)

    Point 8.

    try to answer your PMs as quickly as possible, ''buyers come to those who offer great service''
    and be professionnal about it, clear, direct and truthful
    make your PMs as informative as possible, most buyers will be discouraged after 10 days of PMing back and forth about an item

    shipping quotes
    willing to ship items greatly enlarges your potential buyers pool
    i've sold 40% of my parts locally, 30% around toronto, 15% around vancouver
    (see end of post for exemple)

    getting a quote is pretty easy, you only need 3 things
    1. a balance/weight scale, (i use a common person scale)
    2. a tape measure
    3. and
    try not to over estimate too much the shipping value
    and if possible, estimate shipping value for combined parts

    and try to ship quickly after you receive payment
    and make sure to package everything well

    i think my success as come from offering great service, and i don't do this for a living, i'm just a university student
    i keep records of all my sales, 5 people have bought from me 3 times each, and another half-dozen twice each
    and i think some people can vouch for me that i am an extremely good packer
    case and point--> exhaust system shipped to quebec city
    first thing was to clean it to a shine

    and this is an exemple of where i sold most of my parts

    thanks for reading

    [links to all chapters in first post]

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    Haha, I can see me right beside Hamilton. Well done Franki
    Dang! You got shocks, pegs... Lucky! You ever take it off any sweet jumps?


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      that's alot of work lol. I could simply post it on GTROC or SAU the same way we always have with same or better results. Nice document anyways, hopefully it'll help your sales!
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        Yep, you were super easy to deal with François!

        The shipment was superb.

        Great how-to (often common sense, but most fail to meet this).

        Sticky please mods!!


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          Excellent job! Some people just dont understand the concepts of "effort".
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            I would suggest using Google Photo..

            Unlimited Photo storage. and no Ad's ETC..

            Google Rules the world..
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            Imports are more then a Fad, they are a Life Style
            Originally posted by JZ
            Agreed. Good to have you here Ben


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              begging for sticky
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                Thanks for doing all this work. I hope people start to put more effort into their FS threads. It makes it a lot easier for the buyer to understand the location of the item if you actually list the location. Seems simple enough, but I keep seeing stuff FS and the seller doesn't even list where the item is..

                Originally posted by funkymonkey
                You guys need to set up an RSPCS (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Skylines) and take a baseball bat to the heads of owners that bring disrespect to the heritage by being metrosexual knob jockeys behind the steering wheel.


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                  id like to see people respond to PM's a little bit better..i sent a Pm to one guy and i got a one word response...IMO not acceptable if you wanna sell your product


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                    Originally posted by archaeic_bloke View Post
                    begging for sticky
                    sure, the more people view this, the better imo

                    [links to all chapters in first post]


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                      no sticky?

                      [links to all chapters in first post]


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                        i think JZ is focused on the things going on in the OT pit


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                          Sticky material indeed
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                            It would be nice if most people adapted this format...


                            Feel free to add something if I forgot it.
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                              Frankiman there's some really great info in this thread here. Great job! I'll try to follow your tips for my next ad.
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