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  • Interac Email Money Transfers

    Hi everyone.

    Well since there's still people out there that are not familiar with an Interac Email Money Transfer (EMT's) I thought I'd post up a little guide on getting set up. It's very easy to do and once you have imputed an email address thats all you need to both send and recieve money.

    This is a list of the following financial institutions that offer this service for sure,

    TD Canada Trust
    Royal Bank of Canada
    Bank of Montreal
    Scotia Bank

    There is probabely others as well so you only need to ask to find out.

    Now for this option to be available to you, you must have be hooked up to your bank via online banking. It's free and once your set up and logged in, look under Money Transfer's or Make a Transfer or something else along those lines. I'm going off whats on Easy Web for TD Canada Trust. Click that option and from there look for Interac Email Money Transfer, Email Money Transfer's or possibley Cent A Pay.

    Once you've found that option click it and follow along by putting in the information required along with an email address that you would like to use. You can only put in one email address and thats where ALL transfers come from and go to wether your sending or recieving.

    From there you can either start compiling a list of people who are already set up with this by typing in there info and email address. Now for each person you will need to assign a security question that the person MUST know the answer to in order to access the money transfer.

    *example* - Q: Whats the name of this forum?

    However you type the answer, that person must type it EXACTLY how it is in the question or they can no access the money. So just be sure you give out the answer correctly.

    Unlike Paypal there are no fees to pay that, depending on the size of the amount, can end up taking quite a few bucks off the original total recieved and EMT only costs $1.50 to send but are FREE to recieve . You can send up to $1000.00 per day and $3000.00 per week using this, depending on how it's set up through you bank. Some banks may have higher limits while others, smaller limits.The money is taken directly from your account and sent to the person's email you imputed and best of's INSTANT!

    No credit cards are needed, no long process of waiting for any small deposits to made in to your bank account (like Paypal) and no need to be verified.

    So thats it and as you can see it's very easy to set up and use. This service works all over Canada so it's great when say you live on the east coast and your buying something from someone one the west coast.

    Well I hope this was usefull and happy buying/selling .

    Cheers 8)
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