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  • Stop reporting newbies!!

    My brother is trying to get in to Dota 2 now and we are having a difficult time with the community. I've been playing since wc3 and love to teach him. He's put a hundred hours into unfair bots and feels like turbo is next step. We are playing games frequently but he is still just getting used to playing with other players in real pvp.

    I give him tips on items and spells to level and he does okay. Many games, though, he goes negative in terms of kd ratio. Many days, we play and lose someone sometimes freaks out. Yesterday and a little less than a week ago, a good amount of the people raging at his noobness literally thought he was throwing on purpose and reported him for it. He has been in low priority for a week now. It's not fair nor is it right to **** on new players like this. We are going to really run our community like this? How are people supposed to learn this game, which is the equivalent of advanced video game calculus?
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