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I sold my 850HP Nissan GTR

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  • I sold my 850HP Nissan GTR

    Here's my review if anyone's interested:

    I really liked my GTR, and it was my dream car - but I'm absolutely in love with the Tesla! Going from a gas guzzling, twin turbo monster to a self driving silent monster is completely mind blowing.

    The Performance is unfathomable. On stock tires the vehicle is more responsive than a fast car on race tires, as the instant torque throws your back against the seat immediately. The comfort is equally incredible, I had a Mercedes up until October as a daily driver - this car blows that out of the water. It is the perfect combination between cruising silently on the Speed Test Scrabble Word Finder Solitaire highway, comfort over road bumps and power to make you smile whenever you would like. As a tech lover, I really like that it feels like I'm driving an iPhone on wheels. The giant touchscreen, digital dash display and SELF DRIVING CAPABILITIES are spectacular! I'm running out of adjectives describing the thing. LA traffic is no longer painful, as I can kickback and listen to music while the car handles the heavy load.

    The GTR was extremely powerful and fun, but between my transmission blowing out, $300 oil changes depending on your stealership and the quirks such as the loose interior pieces, clunky gearbox shifting and all else that comes with an entry level supercar... I do miss the exhaust rumbling and the turbos blow off valves... but the electric whine makes up for it!
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