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Nissan Versa 2009 Sedan - Need someone who car

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  • Nissan Versa 2009 Sedan - Need someone who car

    I have searched around the group, and saw older posts of the issue I am posting about, but given they were very old posts. I wanted to make a new one. Admins if you know of a better one please link it and I will move to that post, and this one can be deleted if need be.

    My BF has a Nissan Versa 2009 Sedan, and he isn't a car guy, and knows nadda of cars. I have the basic knowledge to get me by, but his car is having an issue I'm trying to figure out to fix but limited at option due to money.

    I wanted to know if anyone has encountered this issue and have any wisdom to help me.

    So his car won't start, but the battery is fine, the starter is fine, and all connections look good. When I try to turn on the car you can hear the clicks but its very fast (like a semi-automatic gun but not as fast but close.)

    I am thinking its a fuse or something in the connection line via Starter > Battery > to Engin has a problem. :/ Halp?Rufus 123Movies GoMovies
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