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Hopeful first Nissan purchase 240sx?

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  • Hopeful first Nissan purchase 240sx?

    Right I’ve been in search of a new (to me) daily and semi project car. I’ve taken a big interest in the 90s Nissan Era and was interested in 240s. I’ve yet to indulge in Japanese cars and I’m pretty over German cars right now. Would like something simple but authentic and beautiful that I can appreciate. (Hah lame right)

    Just wanna get some advice on a model I should stay away from. Like to hear what it’s like to daily one and the maintainence. I wrench old bikes mostly but have been sinking more into cars. I almost bought one a few weeks ago but waited and would like to really understand what I might get myself into.

    I commute. I’d like to try a manual. I want to be able to maintain it and restore/mod it to its former glory. Just want to have fun with it and actually be apart of something ya know. Thanks!
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