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rx-7 vs skyline

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  • rx-7 vs skyline

    Why It Failed

    Well it didnt exactly fail due to high prices and competition from the RX-7 which outperfomed it in everygeneration collapesed the Nissan Skyline. However Nissan has realised a skyline in Japan featureing a V8 but it will never take off because the 2006/2007 RX-7 will come back and destroy it so unfortunately it will never succede like the RX-7 or VL Calais which actully the 3.3L 6Cyl engine was a nissan skyline engine. But the 1986-1988 VL Calais was an Australian Built V8 engine.

    um..... didnt the skyline outperform everything..... and had to be banned from certain races and stuff like that cuz it always won..... and i thought its compettitor was the supra,....


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