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    picked up this ECU from a buddy with the nissan consult interface apprently it was tuned at autodream calgary , and a custom computer i opened it up took these picture how would it be tunable or what is done to it for it to be tunable doesnt seem as there is any daughter board has been installed but there is a cable that seems like there was one installed than removed ,

    if so what software does autodream use to data log etc thanks , sorry if this is in the wrong place kinda new to the JDM portion was into the German bmw e30 turbo life style when i traded it for a skyline

    here are some pictures of the ecu

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    Snap.. realized i posted in the wrong place can this be moved to the BNR32 gtr discussion or tech help sorry didn't pay much attention at first


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      I'm not a Nissan expert, but that chip in the plastic holder (clear window in centre of chip), isnt factory.

      I assume they log through the consult port with any number of software. Probably Nistune, then you would burn the tuning changes to the chip by removing it, erasing with a UV eraser, then program it with an eprom burner.

      That's pretty old school, and how my dad did our old Camaro (1986).


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        talked to autodream said yea that is not a daughter board , so im pretty sure they used the consult adapter , looked at a stock chip there not the same , he said now they used the legit daughter board but i cant figure out a way to open this using the consult tune i installed it in my car got the nistune software still no go wont connect , so i tried ecu talk and the same thing